In Motion 9.26.06

Owen is in total motion now! As it turns out, he was pushing off with his left leg, not dragging it; in reality, the right leg was the "dead leg." Regardless, all limbs are working together now and Owen is travelling at a pretty quick rate these days. He crawls all over the house and has even accomplished short climbs up two steps and attempted to climb up the slide! Saturday morning he surprised us all by standing then letting go and balancing on two flat feet a full 7 to 10 seconds ~ enough time for me to shriek "Kevin, Kevin, look, look! He's standing! Oh my god! He's standing!" Below are pics of Owen:
Pounding a beat on the coffee table
"Quacking" with the Duck (Du-Da-Du)
Crossing his Legs - next time you see him sit, be sure to take note because it is absolutely adorable. He always sits with his ankles crossed!!
Building the Train
Watching Big Brother and Learning the Tricks of Toddlerdom
Playing the Field

Growing Up 9.26.06

Collin has become quite the little boy lately. He's now counting to 20, reciting his favorite stories, and mastering the ABCs. He wants to do everything "on my own." For example, if you help him out of his carseat, he'll insist that he be allowed to climb back in so that he can get out (again) on his own!

Below are recent pics of:
Collin washing his hands - a new favorite pastime
Running towards Daddy and the "Tickle Monster"Eating a hole in his toastBuilding a lego garage for his many trucks with Owen and DaddyMowing the lawn

Cornstarch & Water Gook - 9.24.06

Puyallup Fair - 9.15.06


Sick Day 9.18.06

The boys and I stayed home today and had a GREAT time! Sadly, they were both under the weather with runny noses and mild fevers, but their spirits were (mostly) very high! We had such a fun day! It's amazing how much fun you can have when you clear your calendar and have a whole day to play at home! We did art projects, read books, went for a walk (during the only hour that it wasn't sprinkling or pouring), played "I spy" in the neighborhood, practiced crawling, took down Collin's crib, etc. It was awesome!

Two of my favorite moments: (1) Collin sat down in a rocking chair with a bear, and he said,
Collin: "Hi, Bear."
Collin as the Bear: "Hi."
Collin: "How you doing?"
Collin as the Bear: "Good."
I had to turn away so he wouldn't see my laugh lines! (2) Owen was playing with toys in his room, and I was folding laundry on the landing just outside our rooms. Collin was helping by digging through the mountain-high pile for all of the bibs. Wanting to be a big boy too, Owen set out to join us and crawled for the first time further than a foot - actually crawling approximately 8 feet - practically dragging his left leg the whole way across his room! He is so cute! Both arms and one leg are now working together, but when it comes to crawling, that left leg is just a step behind. But he doesn't seem to care! He can now get anywhere he wants!! Kevin couldn't believe I'd spent the whole day actually encouraging his movement! : )

Although Owen seems to be battling a slight chest cold, the boys were doing much better by bedtime. Of course I'm excited for them to feel better, but there's a part of me that loved being a stay-at-home mom for a day. I am definitely going to check the budget and plan "sick days" for myself and the boys from here on out.


Hocus Pocus 9.13.06

All the magic I spoke of yesterday is gone. Vanished. Poof! I laid Owen down tonight in the darkness, and he scooted his bum back and sat straight up and started laughing. Startled and quite amused, I turned on the light to find him sitting, grinning at me from ear to ear. I couldn't help but start laughing with him! He turned, grabbed hold of the bars, and up he stood. From there it was a lost cause. He cruised all along the back wall, up the side, grabbed onto the front of the crib and started jumping. Yes, he held on the the rail and started jumping! By that time, Collin had come in the room and was instructing, "Lay down night-night Baby Owen!" and motioning his hand "down" in sign language over and over and over. Of course, this hand movement looked hilarious to Owen, who started laughing out loud again! I wish my camera battery had not died because it was a picture/video perfect moment. Needless to say, sleep came at a much greater price tonight, with many tears and frustration for Little O.


Night-Night 9.12.06

One of my favorite rituals of the day is the bedtime ritual. It begins with a nice, warm, bubbly bath and lots of fun with our bathtime friends ~ rubber ducky, hippo, Scuba Steve, our Sesame Street pals. Then we Jammy-Up and Lotion-Down. Then off to the couch for our warm milk. Mmmm ... (yuck!). Then we allow about 10 minutes of tv (usually Bob the Builder) (Elmo has mornings). And up to bed for a few bedtime stories. Our favorites: Snoozers and The Bedtime Book. Collin's new favorites - new because we just bought them over the weekend - are - of course - Goodnight Elmo and Goodnight Bob (true stories). As if we aren't already plagued by their soundtracks, their shows, their toys! Their bedtime books? But he loves them; therefore, so do we.

Tonight was the first night that Owen joined the big boys in the big boy bed for storytime. He was so excited! He only got to stay for one story though because I was a little afraid he was getting too riled up - he was that excited. Luckily, the old standby worked like a charm. Owen's secret: lay him on his tummy, pat his bum, and sing the ABC song. Repeat as necessary. Slowly stop patting. Turn on the music toy. Fade out the ABCs. Step away from the crib. Walk out the door. Magic.

Collin is a great sleeper now ~ always ready to hit the hay and never fussing when we leave. But he had to fuss for months to get where he is now. Thankfully, he's given in to bedtime. And now, just threaten to put him in his crib, and he's out for the count in his big boy bed. : )

Go Owen! 9.12.06

Within the last 48 hours, Owen has learned to crawl backwards! He also has learned to turn in a full 360 circle when either sitting or on his stomach, get to a sitting position from his back or stomach, get onto all four from a sitting position or from his stomach, move his hands and knees forward to crawl forward but not all in unison (so he still plops down or stays in one spot if he's trying to go forward), and pull himself to standing in his crib. (He already had learned to pull to standing almost everywhere else!) He's also now "cruising" along some furniture and has even attempted to stand alone (letting go of furniture or hands) several times now! He can now get pretty much anywhere he wants to and, given his spurt of development, likely will be completely mobile - forward crawling and all - within the week. GO OWEN!!!

Plus, he's started babbling ALL the time! He can say "du-du-du" ("da-da-da"?), "ck-ck-ck," and "bu-bu-bu." Collin loves it most of all, and the two now "du-du-du" and squeal back and forth. It's hilarious!

Sidenote: Last night Collin was splashing his own face and tossing water into the air in the bathtub. Owen caught a splash and just thought it was hilarious!! He peeled over with laughter - literally! Of course, Collin loved his reaction and started tossing water onto his own face over and over, each time sending Owen in fits of laughter! Within moments, Collin too was laughing so hard that he peeled over in the bath as well! I had my hands full catching them as they'd tip into the water, but they had the best time ever laughing with each splash!!

Oh and I almost forgot!! Owen slept the longest ever at one time last night - from 8:10 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.!!!! Thanks, Owen!!


SunBanks Family Campout 8/25 - 9/4

We vacationed 9 nights and 10 days at SunBanks Resort on Banks Lake, just a mile outside of Electric City and Grand Coulee Dam. At first, it was just the "boys" and I. Then Monday Chrissy, Tracey, Marley, Taylor, Jared, and Janae joinned the fun. Friday Grandma and Grandpa Y arrived to share summer's grand finale weekend!

Unfortunately, Collin and Owen were sick as dogs the very first day of the trip, each running high fevers. In fact, Collin threw up all over his bedding in the middle of the night our first night there. What a bummer. But it didn't seem to phase him a bit! Both he and Owen melted right into a camper's lifestyle once the bugs passed. The rest of the week was relatively illness free and a total blast!

Below is a photo recap from my camera. As I get pics from the others, I'll share those as well:

Dad and Collin powwow the day's agenda after our rocky first night.

Owen took all of his naps and honored his bedtime as if he were right at home.

Father and Son march into the lake with their "wa-wa noodles."

I've got my Little Swimmer diaper, Mom. If you could please hand me my lifejacket ... we could be on our way!

Tuckered, Collin rests in the sun.

Little O pounds out a beat on his "drum."

Ok, Collin, watch closely. And do NOT knock this down. : )

Sorry for knocking over your castle attempts, Dad! I'll fix it!

See, I'm getting the water to make the sand stick.

Noodle, Anyone? I'm reminded of that scene from Lady and the Tramp where the two dogs slurp up the last noodle, one on each end. Of course, it's totally inapplicable given that I have two human boys, not two dogs of the opposite sex and that in reality I think Collin was thinking of whacking Owen in the head with the noodle.

Picture me, standing with one foot on the table, my hat on backwards, talking with Collin as he's "getting ready" to eat his lunch. The picture above is the end result of his "readying." Is this how we're supposed to sit at a picnic table, Mama?

Owen and Collin both LOVED being outside ALL DAY!! It was Owen's first camping trip - seven and a half months old.


Marley joined the sand castle forces, and the pair teamed up for water-duty.

Taylor, nine weeks old during the trip, is alert and just beginning to reach for items in front of her. It was so fun to watch Baby Tae-Tae and Little O playing; it reminded me a lot of watching Marley and Collin when they were little. Hard to believe the big kids are already 2 and 2.5!

Collin spent much of the week alternating between his own prescription glasses, Baby Taylor's blue glasses, and Marley's pink glasses. Above, he kicks back in Taylor's shades and enjoys the ride.

This is my favorite shot!! Owen was babbling to Collin, and Collin was conversing back - I have no idea what they were talking about!! Could it possibly have been the fantastic view from their courtyard table? : )

Collin perched beside Owen and the pair sat completely still for almost 15 minutes while Daddy and I "worked in the kitchen." I think they were facinated that it could all be done without a sink, a stove, a dishwasher ... a microwave!

Caught in the act! Unbeknownst to Collin, I snuck this shot through the tent window. As you can see, Collin found - and unrolled - a lone ranger roll of papertowels, still in the tent after PukeFest.
Uh - oh. Wait a second, you have a camera! Should I say cheese or look sheepish? I can't make up my mind!

Marley absolutely adores the babies and is constantly approaching for hugs and kisses.

Owen and Daddy watch the kids splashing and digging on the beach.

All kids down for their naps, Kevin decides to challenge Jared to a sand castle building contest. Immediately afterwards, a great windstorm blew, and the castle withheld. Unfortunatley, it did not stand up to the stomping efforts of Collin and Mama hours later.

Uncle Jared challenged Collin to a Noodle-Dual ... although perhaps Jared purposefully exaggerated his movements, this shot was NOT posed. : )

Marley, Owen, and Collin. Note: Collin almost never wore his shoes or sandels in the sand because he hated getting sand in his shoes. However, he hated even more to have to give up his "turn" at wearing Marley's pink shoes. So here he is "suffering" through the sandy shoe consequences. (Is Owen laughing at him or at me?)

Collin patiently checks out Uncle Jared's sand castle at 6:30 a.m. He had been told that he could knock it down "in the morning" once Uncle Jared got up. He's waiting.


I didn't pick up all of the strewn paper towels. The kids continued to play with them, hiding in them, tossing them over their heads, etc. the rest of the week.

Unless you were on the beach, our site was basically a hillside. Luckily Chrissy and Tracey had brought Taylor's boppy. It came in quite handy for peace of mind that gravity wouldn't pull Owen backwards. *Note: we couldn't face him towards the water and the sandy beach because he would lunge forward towards it and face plant down the hill every time.

I think I figured out what these are for! Check out my leg warmers! It's amazing what happens when their imaginations are allowed to run free!

Although he spent more time in the shade than anyone and was always covered in 50 spf sunblock, Owen went home with the rosiest cheeks of all!

Grandpa Y got a new crabbing boat for his birthday. Collin and Uncle Jared join him for its inaugural trip.

Daddy, the Jump-a-Roo, aids Owen's desire to JUMP!

Tackle Grandpa!