Look Out Preschool ~ Here Comes Collin!

We learned this morning that Collin will begin preschool this Monday, and tears began streaming down my face. I am so excited for him to take this next step ~ each class graduation has made me realize how much he's grown already ~ but this feels like a biggie to me. It puts a title to the fact that he's very much a little boy now. And growing so quickly.

A preschooler -- something so evident to those who speak with him and watch him discovering the world. I took him to Seattle last Friday, and it was inspiring to see it through his innocent almost 3-year-old eyes. He saw horse-drawn carriages, the Westlake water fountain, pigeons galore, and buildings and buildings full of "excavators!" (escalators). What an amazing invention! He rode up and down many times, and thought they were wonderful! When he figured out the handrails, he held on tightly and instructed each time I'd turn to check on him behind me: "Turn around, Mommy! Look where you're going! You have to be careful!" He was a champ at lunch and dinner, using good manners and table etiquette and trying many new foods. At P.F. Changs for lunch, he ate his entire meal with the "learning" chop-sticks ... even at times having just one piece of rice at a time! But he is so patient and driven to accomplish that the meal - with chopsticks only - was a complete success, and we had a fabulous time! I love taking him out to eat at nice restaurants!

But the most fun of all was taking Collin shopping Friday. He loves to shop! And he has such an eye for great fashion. We picked up a couple pairs of shorts and tees for him and O, then hit Nine West for Mom. As soon as we walked in, Collin was all business - taking shoes from the shelves, handing them to me to try on; taking shoes away from me and saying things like, "No, Mom. Those aren't for you. Those are for Jacqui. These are better for you." And of course, he'd try them on as well ... showing Great Grandma and I a pair of red pumps, he turned so we could see the front view and then the side, and I had to hold my breath! Ultimately, we didn't buy any shoes for me ... not one was "just right for Mommy." It was Perfect.

We did, however, buy a pair of shoes. We walked into a children's store, and Collin beelined for a pair of red, sequined, girls sandels ~ just Taylor's size. He picked them up and exclaimed that they were for Taylor. "We have to buy these for her. They are for Taylor. They're exactly right." And he carried them around the store, and then all around town, from that moment on - completely satisfied with his purchase! (Note: They were even on sale!! Ultimately marked down to 99 cents! Good job, Collin!)

At Blossom, we can choose to park in the rock parking spaces on the left or the paved spaces on the right. Collin prefers to park in the rocks and asks Kevin every morning if they can park there. Yesterday, Kevin beat him to the punch and, as they were driving to Blossom, said, "We're going to park in the rocks today if there's a spot, ok, Collin?" And Collin said, "Thank you, Daddy. I appreciate that." !!!

Collin is also growing literally. He is now in 3T pants (with elastic waist inserts to cinch his tiny waist!), 3T shirts, and size 7.5 shoes! Want Collin's perspective on it all? "My feet are growing bigger! So I get to go to Preschool Monday!"

Following closely behind, Owen, who isn't even 18 months yet, is wearing 24 month everything and size 5 shoes. He's looking at moving from Toddler 1 to Toddler 2 in the next two months. Ahhh....

A preschooler and a full-blown toddler ... we want a family of six (four kids) eventually ... is it time for another baby?? Exciting thoughts!


Imagination 6.5.07

Collin's imagination skills are blossoming, and I am in delight! I've been having so much fun these past three years that I hadn't even really realized that there's a completely additional world still untouched to discover and explore: the world of imagination! Collin's recently been lining up his little chairs and taking train rides, bus rides, etc. or telling stories of alligators eating his food, monsters hiding his clothes, and monkeys ransacking the playroom. : ) "Imagine" the thrill we got Tuesday night when Collin unlaced his red shoelace from his boot, laid his blue blankie on the floor below, and stood on the couch "fishing!" He caught really big fish, tiny little fish (which he let go!), and then made a fish dinner for each of us! At one point he held the lace in the middle so both ends were in the "water" and caught two fish at one time! It was wonderful!