More From SunBanks - August 2007

Enjoy a "few" more pictures from our family vacation at SunBanks Resort on Banks Lake!

Collin really dug into this chunk of cantalope!

Owen is trying desperately to learn to turn somersaults like his brother ... as you can imagine, showers were in order every evening!!

A boy and his first kite.

Collin grew to love marshmallows. His version of roasting them, however, was much different than ours. So long as the fire was lit and the marshmallow was perched on his stick, it did not matter if the marshmallow ever neared the heat or flames. He preferred them luke warm and not the least bit browned. A burnt mallow was a travesty!

The boys gathered freshwater clams/mussels (?) on our sandy beach and enjoyed them with Daddy the next afternoon!

Another favorite camping treat: fireside popcorn! My favorite!!
It's so tough to say "cheese!" with your mouth full!!

The boys often put together puzzles in the morning hours as the sun started to warm the beach.

The little girl in the background was Collin's first "kiss"! They were playing on the playground and she leaned in and kissed his cheek. She was so disappointed (tattled!) when he climbed higher and denied her a kiss back!

I was eight weeks pregnant during our trip and spent much of the week battling morning sickness (and a nasty stomach flu the first weekend).

The boys enjoyed the fresh water morsels so much that Daddy could hardly fish them out of the seasoned broth fast enough!

The boys lounged in the shade of the trees each afternoon for their naps. It was so sweet!

(Interestingly, Owen has since started throwing footballs almost exclusively with his left arm.)

Marshmallows in the morning?? Ok. Which sneaky raccoon got into the food bucket while I was heating up the milk??
Collin learned to cross the monkey bars during our trip!

Kevin teamed up with our neighbors for a game of beach volleyball. Owen stood fascinated on the sideline nearly the entire game!