Preparing for Baby #4

Saturday morning, the boys had created a catapult using the toy shopping cart and were launching their cars across the room. (Typical car "play," right? It is if you have boys!) Anyway, Kate then wanted to catapult her dolly!

I quickly explained that we needed to be careful how we played with the babies because Kate would likely model our behavior towards her babies with the new baby when it arrived. Collin heard the message loud and clear! He immediately held the baby to his chest and began shooshing in its ear (I imagine it must have been crying in fear of being catapulted across the room!). He then spent the next 15 minutes or so rocking the baby, cuddling the baby, singing to the baby, telling the baby how much he loved it, etc. It was absolutely darling and a moment I hope to remember always. He ultimately took a nap with the baby on the couch while "put the baby to sleep" in his arms, and then laid it gently in its bassinet.

Although not as touched or engrossed as I, Kate watched for a bit and then watched over her shoulders after she returned to helping Owen launch the cars. But it was a good lesson. She didn't ask to launch her dolly again. ; )

Remarkably on Sunday, Collin continued his model behavior and helped Kate dress her baby and then take her for a walk around our home! So cute! He's such a teacher, a leader, and an excellent big brother. I'm so proud of you, Collin!

Cowboy Rangers

Elbow Pads (Dad's knee pads for mountain biking): Check
Shin Guards: Check
Cowboy Hats: Check



Quilting Expert Needed ~ Sept. 23, 2009

Collin just asked if we could make a Seahawks quilt. I said I'd have to learn, but I don't see why not. He said I could take lessons from the Bernstein Bears mama! ; )

Knuckle Heads ~ Dec. 1, 2009

Owen is hitting the headboard with his fist.

Collin is hitting the headboard with his head.

Kate is hitting Kevin's head with her fist.

Owen: "See, they all make a different sound!"

Knuckle heads. Ha!!