Kate 2 - Owen 4 1/2 - Marley 6 1/2 - Collin 5 3/4 - Taylor 4
At the Hobson Wedding June 26, 2010


All Comers Track and Field

The kids had an amazing night last Monday competing in track events for their first time ever!! I was blown away by all the kids and am so glad that my kids got into it and wanted to go again tonight! So fun! Here's pics and stats from the first night ever, followed by stats in of tonight's events too:
Jumping the Gun in the Girls 4 and Under Hurdles ; ) See Owen and Collin cheering her on just behind Kevin?!

And they're off! (That's Kate and Kevin on the left.)

Kate paused to watch the "bigger girl" to see how it's done. Ultimately, Kate jumped over only two hurdles, crawled over two and step-climbed over two! It was TOO cute! (She finished last the first and second nights but was by far the youngest in her seed!)

Owen's first time ever - 4 and Under Hurdles (he's in the center of the pic)

In the gray shirt, brown shorts, blue vans, Owen is slightly behind ... (I swear he was going just slow enough to watch the other kid and assess the method and challenge! Then ...) As soon as the other kid had jumped, Owen suddenly kicked it up a notch, picked up speed and -
He made a mad dash for the finish, taking 1st his first time ever on the 50 m hurdles! *He took first tonight too!

6 and Under Hurdles ... Collin's hurdles are a little bit higher than the hurdles in Kate and Owen's races! (Collin's smack in the middle of this shot, white tee.)

Collin took 3rd!!! *Last week he said: "I can't wait to do it again because I stopped at the start because I didn't really know what to do! Wait till next week!" Tonight Collin conquered the hurdles with much more style and speed! Unfortunately he took down the second to last hurdle, but he jumped up and kept running to take 3rd still and he was beaming with pride at his marked improvement!

Owen's 50 meter Dash

Owen took 1st in the 4 and Under 50 meter dash and was oh so proud! *He took 2nd tonight and was thrilled to earn his first ever RED ribbon! ; )

Collin's in the second lane from the left in this pic -- 6 and Under 50 meter Dash

He finished fourth of six in this Dash. *Tonight he finished 1st!! Tonight he also ran the 100 m Dash and took 3rd!

Throwing the Javelin

Kate's attempt at throwing the javelin!

Long Jump - 2 Collin's second jump measured 5 foot, 5 inches.

His third and longest jump of the first night measured 5 foot, 9 inches.

Kate's Long Jump (see the video posted last weekend!)

Running in the 12 and Under 800 meter dash

Rounding the second corner

Collin was WAY ahead of the kids his size by the time he pulled off the field the first night. He didn't finish the 800 (having learned a lesson in pacing), but in his defense, we almost missed the race and he ran 200 meters just to get to the start as the whistle was blowing AND he hadn't had any water the whole night (this was the last event). In the end, he ran 600 m. I confess, we told him he took 1st in the 400 m run in his age group because he was certainly taking it when he hopped off the field -- and his ego needed that a tad; as it was, Owen got two first prize ribbons and Collin didn't get one that first night; talk about a challenging, good learning opportunity!

And learn they did! Tonight they cheered each other on the whole night, encouraged each other, didn't seem to be in competition with each other at all, and recognized the fact that they are 17 months apart, despite Owen's belief that there's not a day between them. ; )

Tonight, Collin totally rocked the 800 meter run and took 3rd in his division! He paced well and then sprinted the final 25 meters while we cheered him on! His face was so red, and he was sooooo happy! After competing in all the other running events of the night, he ran half a mile in under 5 minutes! That's amazing! I think we have a long distance runner in the making! *As you may recall, I much prefer long distance to sprints, so this is super exciting for me. I can't wait to run with him!!

Owen Sings About an Apple Tree

Owen's Spring Song

So Little! Kate's Long Jump

Oh my goodness! So little and so sweet! Little tiny jumper!


Collin's Kindergarten Celebration

September 16, Collin's kindergarten class celebrated the end of the year and the graduation of the majority of the class! Collin, Cian and Jack joined the class mid-year and will stay on for the 2010-2011 school year!

The Art Quilt shows each of the community locations that the kids went on field trips, learning about their community and gathering materials for their projects. Collin's project group "Bird Sanctuary" built a bird house for the school and made a poster board all about Birds in Spring!
Collin Accepting his End of Year Success Certificate from his Teacher Cheryl

Owen, Kevin and I enjoyed every minute!

The kids sang songs, performed skits, and gave thank you cards to each of the program teachers!`

Collin's Kindergarten Celebration Videos

The class, in a chorus, sang "White Corral Bells." They also sang "Make New Friends, But Keep the Old," "Robin Red Breast," and "P is for Penelope." I posted this song because it must have been very special to Collin; he sang it for weeks, practicing so he'd get it right! The predominant boy's voice when the round starts at "White" is Collin. So cute!
The kids spent the last several months adapting a program called "Second Step," which taught manners such as How to Join in Other's Play on a Playground, Problem Solving a Dispute, such as if two people want to play with the same toy at once, etc. It was pretty neat. Collin's been teaching me the steps using our Elmo and Ernie puppets! In this skit, he's demonstrating Proper Group or "Circle Time" Etiquette: (1) When you have something to say, (2) When you want to be excused to get a drink a water, and (3) When you need to be excused to use the restroom! Hilarious!


Picnic Dinner and Play at Padden! 5.12.10

As you may recall, Wednesday nights are Kevin's Bike Night with the Guys, aka "Mommy Playtime with the Kids!" Our motto: While Dads Away, the Kids Will Play! Wednesday Night 5.12.10 started as no exception ~ we planned a picnic dinner in the park with our friend Lisa and her two girls, Rikki and Lily. But then the exception: Daddy rode in and joined us! What a nice surprise! We all had a BLAST! It was wonderful to enjoy the sunshine in the eve in a May filled with clouds and rain!

Bedtime Update

Collin's bedtime regime is fantastic! He never fusses, always stays in his room/bed, and seems to recognize that bedtime means bedtime (after he reads these days, of course!). And he genuinely seems to love bedtime because it means opportunity for snuggles and back rubs without the chaos of life circling around us. He loves this special time so much that when I got too large (I'm pregnant remember) (and clumsy) to climb to the top bunk and rub his back each night, he moved to the floor, where he's now been for several months. I expect he'll stay on the floor until I am back in shape to climb the ladder and resume back rubs in his top bunk again. So sweet!
Owen only three nights ago realized that he had no reason to be sleeping on the floor, where he'd moved the same night as his brother under the pretense that it'd be fun! Three nights ago he asked, "Will you rub my back if I'm in my bed?" Of course! And back to his bed he went. As long as Owie has not had a nap, his bedtime routine is also now perfect! To bed, to bed, to lay my sweet head!
And then there's Kate. I'll start by saying that even though she's not in her bed - or her room for that matter - she's still (at this point) turning out to be the easiest (at this stage). She never cries or fusses -- unless we close her door. Although she's moved to a big girl toddler bed, she sleeps most often on the floor "like the boys." She got her sleeping bag for her birthday, and she loves crawling into that lady bug bag! Starting two or three nights ago, she moved her baby into her room with her. The particular baby, from Grandma and Grandpa B, may have her room and cradle set up in the playroom downstairs, but she now goes to bed with Kate every night.

Kate's routine goes something like this: Kate goes pee in the potty before heading to her room for bed. Then Kate happily reads her favorite bedtime book with us - "Goodnight, Gorilla" - and tucks her baby into a bed of blankies, kissing the baby and whispering, "Good night, Baby. Sleep good!" Then Kate snuggles into her sleeping bag on the floor in her room. Then she has to get up to go pee - again. Then she snuggles back into her sleeping bag. And she waits until we head down the stairs. At that point Kate then gets up and moves her entire bed ensemble - blankies, pillows, baby and all - over to the top of the stairs. Then, and only then, does Kate relax and quietly go to sleep. Precious little one.


MAY 1st, Saturday morning, I was doing laundry, changing all the bed sheets, and the kids were playing in their jammies ...

TODAY - June 8
Me: "Owen, how was your day today."
Owen: "It was good. 'Cept some kids got to go to the Sunflower House, and I didn't. Mr. Ron said I was 'too cute.' That doesn't make sense. I'm not THAT cute."

Oh, yes, you are. You brighten my every day!