Last Game of the Season ~ and it's Halloween!

We arrived to the field early enough to warm up ~ then spraypaint the players' hair! Collin went blue, Micah went red, Eli went blue with red stripes, and Owen and Luke remained toeheads. The colors were a hit!! Just a little something special since it was the last game AND Halloween!
Collin and Owen both wrapped up the season with (cheered on by G&G J, Uncle Jared and Aunt Janae, and Miss Natalie) with awesome energy and assertion, increased knowledge and skill, and goals!
Southside Blackcat Shooters
Top: Gavin, Luke, Hayden, Eli, Micah
Bottom: Bohdi, Coach Jen, Zach, Mason, Owen, Collin


Owen's Playing Soccer Too!

He may be just three and a half, but the kid is passionate and he can hustle! But most importantly, he WANTS to play, to be in there, to GET THAT BALL! Owen has been subbing in on the team (we had a low team count and lots of illness this season), and he loves it! He is a full head (or more) shorter than some of the kids, and his kicks and throws aren't quite as powerful as some, but he's quick and fearless and has quickly become a star player! His technique fits with a Sweeper position because he zooms all over the field - wherever the ball migrates, and then he steamrolls into position and takes over possession. It's awesome to watch! He's one of the team's top-scorers, maintaining a minimum of two goals each Saturday and many assists (some purposefully to his brother!)!

And that's the best part! They have so much fun playing out there ~ together!!

Halloween Art by Collin

Not sure if you can read that or not, but the fourth picture is a close-up of the third. The piece features a pumpkin, a ghost, "Boo", and "Happy Halloween." The best part is that the "o" in Halloween is a Jack-O-Lantern!

Pumpkin Carving 2009

This year's Pumpkin Carving was especially fun because the boys were old enough to really do it themselves! Collin and Owen stenciled their designs onto their pumpkins then spent an hour going through and sorting out the pumpkin seeds while I emptied each of the pumpkin bellies.
Kate painted a picture!
Owen loved to squish his hands through the pumpkin and lift it up in the air to watch it dangle --- eewww! Collin, on the other hand, preferred NOT to have his hands in the muck and carefully pried each seed free with little mess.
Make a S-C-A-R-Y face!
Kate got bored and we played a bit.
Let the Carving Begin!
Daddy's Pumpkins
Our Stoop - Collin's pumpkin was a classic Jack-O-Latern, and Owen's was very appropriately a dinosaur! *Dinosaurs are O's current passion. He pulls out his bucket of dinos daily, and his new favorite show is PBS's Dinosaur Train. Check it out if you have little boys ~ super great!)


Museum of Flight

Little boys shared big dreams on our "Stay-Cation" when we spent a lovely afternoon at the Museum of Flight.
Airforce One
Entrance Stamps - Very Cool!

Jamma Time

Peak a Boo!!

Peak a Boo is very truly Kate's FAVORITE game!!!

Alki in the Fall

I can't think of a better day! Bikes. Boardwalk. Beach. Best Buds.

Starring in the Musical of her Life

5 Years Old

Father and Son

Riding with Just One Hand

Taking the Curb
Popping Wheelies (he pulls SO hard on those handlebars and the front wheel lifts - I just haven't captured it yet!)