Tree Farm 2011

 ~ Manthey's Tree Farm ~
 Keeping with tradition, we went out to get out Christmas Tree Friday afternoon, the day after Thanksgiving!  It's always a fun time as everyone points out trees, and I veto until we've found the perfect one.  ; )  By the time we're narrowing down, the kids' spirits are even higher, and they are laughing and pointing out "Charlie Brown Trees" to see my reaction.

This year was sunny and  bright, and the kids were all about racing up and down the rows of trees!  Eli did his best to keep up.

Owen's trying to convince Eli to race him!  It was cute because then Owen took off with a super slow start.  They didn't make it far ~ what with all the ruts and roots ~ though.  After a bit, Owen asked if he could rush off.  Go for it!
And Eli jumped aboard Grandma.  Hilariously, I guess he's never had a piggy-back ride before!  He didn't know to hold on!!

Like I said, I take my time and find the right one!  Kate was quick to find an alternative mode of transportation as the hunt lengthened.

 Collin and Owen eventually let me debate between three, and they played football between the "obstacles."  AWESOME!