Owen is ...

... officially in underwear!! Here's to three days of complete success!! He runs out of the bathroom after nearly every use and does a celebration pose or cheer. So awesome! Go, O-Man!!

The only problem? He's so excited that he gets up to pee in the early part of the night (not the problem) then goes back to bed for the rest of the night without a diaper (problem). Should be interesting to see which way this shakes out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and being grateful for the mattress cover in the meantime. ; )



An Afternoon in an Alley

... a Bowling Alley! Uncle Jared and Aunt Janae came up to enjoy the boys soccer game Saturday and watch the kids Saturday night while Kevin and I enjoyed a night out for our 6th Anniversary! It was a fantastic time! Then on Sunday, we all went bumper bowling! Pins down, it was a GREAT time! We can't WAIT to go again!

Family Fun

Soccer season is a really fun time around our house for many reasons, but the two biggest are:

1. The boys are having a blast! They've both come to understand the concept and have really taken to the game! Last Saturday, Collin scored 7 goals! We had to sub him out so all the other kids could join in the fun! Then Owen scored 3 goals as well (we won something like 13 -2).

2. Because games are on Saturdays, we spend 6 weeks in a row at home enjoying family time!
Owen is currently fascinated with colors, numbers, and lining and stacking! He spent the better part of half hour lining up the shoes, describing the shoes, matching the shoes!
Aaron, Renee, Riley, and Keira joined us one weekend, and Renee and I took the kids for a Puddle Walk around the neighborhood!
Kate is climbing EVERYTHING! (She's currently climbing a stack of paper as I type!)
Good Morning, Kids!
Say Cheese!
This is Kate's new smile! She's starting to crinkle up her nose and squint her eyes!!!

Trick and Treating

We kicked off Halloween with our 2nd Annual Afternoon in Fairhaven with Clara, MaryJane and Marcel! Kate wore her butterfly costume, which fit perfectly over the Baby Bjorn carrier!
The boys made their own bags this year - notice in the pics that follow that Collin's name is put on neatly in a line and the letters of Owen's name are scattered on his bag! Notice also that for the second year in a row, Owen spent the day clutching tightly to a lollipop!
Then we rounded out the evening with pizza and a race around the block with Lisa, Rikki, Lily, Steve and Natalie!
SuperSawyer, SuperCollin, and SuperOwen


Big Brother Says It All

Collin to Kate: Your the best girl I ever met in the whole world, cutie Kate!