NW Washington Fair 8.15.08

Do you have a cow impression?? I looked over at Collin as we were checking out the cows and thought for certain he'd had too much fair food and was going to be sick. I asked, "Collin, are you ok? What are you doing?" He smiled and said, "I'm being a cow, of course!" And I just knew it was time to post a video. Enjoy!

We spent a wonderful afternoon at the fair this year on Collin's birthday, joined by Jacqui and Chris! One of my favorite features at this fair is the Toddler Field, littered with FREE games for kids, including the bean-bag toss, ring toss, fishing games, etc! What fun! But even more fun was the Science Hall, where the boys enjoyed manipulating the many stations:

Even still, the most fun of all were the cows. Rows and rows of cows. We spent so much time hanging with the cows that the only other animals we saw were the rabbits (after which, Owen crouched down on the ground and hopped like a rabbit, "ribbet"ting like a frog, for an entire aisle).
Collin played the cows a tune on the horn he found in Little Boy Blue's haystack:
Collin: Mom, stop! Take a picture of us HERE! (... in the horse trailer!)

It was over 90 degrees, and we all were sweating in the hot, glorious sun!
Owen: Hey, where are the keys?
Collin: Hang on, Owie! I'm driving us to the store!

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