Bandaids: Part 2

Last night Kate broke a plate while doing the dishes.  She was barefoot and walked on a tiny chard of glass ... somehow cutting her slightly in two separate places.  And then the cuts on her foot started to bleed. 

Owen: "Kate! It's your dream come true! You get a bandaid! Can I put it on? Then my dream will come true too because I can be a doctor!"  : )



Mt Constitution Summit, Orcas Island ~ June 2011

When I picked Kate up from school the other day, I noticed a Bandaid on her shin.

Me: Wow! You must have a good story to tell about how you got hurt! Why'd you get that Bandaid on your leg, Kate?
Kate: I bonked my head.


Owen's First Day of Kindergarten

September 12, 2011 - First Day of Kindergarten
Q. What did you do at school today?
A. Colored a picture of my shoe. Listened to stories. My favorite story was "I like my black shoes; I like my red shoes; I like my white shoes!" The white ones change into a lot of colors!
Q. What was your favorite part of the day?
A. Seeing Collin on the playground!!
Q. Anything else?
A. Riding the bus home! But I didn't get to sit with Collin. The kindergarteners had to sit up front. I sat with Evan and Bryson (neighbors). When I saw you, I waved! Did you see me? [Yes!!]
Q. You were nervous before because you didn't know anything about the school or who would be your friends or how you would do. Are you nervous to go back tomorrow?
A. No. I'm good. I did see friends at recess [Collin and the soccer team first grade boys], and I like my teacher. And I like that the teacher reads us stories. Except I didn't get to read because she doesn't know that I can read. Maybe tomorrow.