Rock and Roll with O - 3.16.09


  1. Way to go Owen. I just knew that one day one of the kids would live music and sing and dance like I do. So now I will have to look for more CD s for you to sing along with. Jen I know that with your busy schedule that it is hard to keep up oon the blog but I want to thank you because alot of the time I feel like Im a little bird sitting on the ceil watching all of them grow up.The only thing I cant do is give lots of huggs and kisses and fill them full of fruit snacks. i WANT TO THANK YOU JENN A MILLION TIMES OVER for thating the time to do this. And thanks to for letting Kev come home I know I wount get to see him much but I know he has a lot to do. So may be we can make plans to come oiut in August for birthdays. OK. Jen you are the best mom and wife any one could want thank you for taking such good care of them.Bye for now love Grandma B

  2. Christi3:42 PM

    How cute!