Visiting Santa

We traveled to Seattle last week for some holiday merriment! First stop Friday morning was Macy's downtown, where Santa has set up shop and is visiting with kids for a few hours a day in between his busy schedule! (Mrs. Claus is busy making cookies up north, and the elves are hard at work building toys and prepping the final list. He's such a good delegator! They do all the work, while he enjoys the children and experiences the magic of Christmas, 15 minutes at a time! ; )
The kids made their lists for Santa and couldn't wait to deliver them in person!
In the pic above, if you can't tell, Owen's mouth is wide open!
Kate stood on the outskirts and watched her brothers, needing to see that Santa really was ok. She loved watching him through the window, and she wanted to meet him, but she was still a bit anxious ... (But she was much more inclined to meet him this year than last year!) Once the boys gave him a hug, she was ready to approach.

She eventually warmed right up to him:

Nice to meet you, Santa! Good luck Christmas Eve! We'll be listening for your jingle bells!

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