End of March Wrap Up

Sporting a mouthful of teeth ~ the last four remaining ~ the "eye" teeth ~ are about to cut through too! 3.30.06
He's almost laughing now! 3.30.06
Learning to Ride! 3.30.06
Collin quickly jumped on the back! 3.30.06
Look, Owen! See that up there? 3.30.06
Collin loves to lay on the floor next to his brother. 3.30.06
What a balancing act! 3.31.06

Moments of Wonder 3.20.06

March was a busy month around here! Owen turned two months and had his first round of immunizations; he suffered a mild fever and got a few extra Zzzs. He weighed 13 pounds, 15 ounces (90%) and was 23.75 inches long (75%).

Collin also had a doctor's visit this month. I had started noticing that his right eye sometimes turns inward, and we were referred to an opthamologist. Although we are obtaining a second opinion (referred for an appointment), his initial tests showed that he is "very farsighted" (to use the opthamologist's words!) in his right eye and needs to wear classes to enhance his vision. Ultimately, she explained that if he does not get classes, his right eye will grow weaker and weaker and he will come to rely solely on his left eye over time and the right eye will lose its vision capabilities entirely.

Also this month, Owen and I went on our first roadtrip (to Yakima), and Kevin and Collin spent their first weekend "mommy-free". Unfortunately, the evening Owen and I left, Collin came down with a fever and spent the next day sick and vomiting. Luckily, Dad took great care of him, and they were able to spend the second day enjoying each other "illness-free." : )

Milestones: Wednesday Collin walked up four stairs without holding on to the wall! He's getting better and better ~ and more and more daring as his confidence increases!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Above Pics: Owen watches me type and provides entertainment while I work! 3.17.06
Below Pics: Collin and I enjoyed the St. Patty's Day Dash in Seattle last Sunday, making our now annual stop at the two-mile marker to take pics from Hwy 99 overlooking Elliot Bay. It was a beautiful day for a run, and we had a great time! 3.12.06

Rub-A-Dub-Dub ~ 3.11.06

Collin and Riley Walls had a great time "painting the bathtub red" with soap crayons! Of course, Collin still thinks everything needs to be taste-tested, and he washed his mouth out with soap! Look closely and you'll see blue crayon stuck to his teeth. : )

Pictures Say a Thousand Words ~ 3.11.06


Love Bug

Our little love bug coos all the time now! And he's full of grins! Weight: 13 pounds, 6 ounces.

Pics: (1) Naked Baby!! 3.9.06 (2) Lovin' a Clean Diaper 3.7.06 (3) Baby Talk ~ Having a Conversation 3.9.06

Milestones: Collin now walks down the stairs!!! It's a major feat, and he's so proud of himself! He doesn't want any help or hand holding - he just steps close to the wall or rail in case he loses his balance. I love watching him succeed! : )


Owen's First Smiles ~ 3.7.06

Interacting with Owen

Owen is 7 weeks old today, and I can hardly believe it. He started smiling spontaneously about two weeks ago ~ I think Kevin, Collin and I all witnessed the first one! And as of today, I can solicit smiles! It's so fun! (I'll get you a picture soon ~ batteries are charging!) Below are a few pics from the past few weeks:

Couch Potato 3.4.06 Let's play a game! What am I thinking of now?! 3.2.06
What the heck is this swinging contraption?! 3.2.06 It's OK, Owen! I'll kiss you and make it better. 3.2.06
One Month Old ~ 2.20.06

To Pee (in a Toilet) or not to Pee (in a Toilet)

Collin has recently taken a very strong interest in the concept of peeing in a toilet. He often watches as we go and now points to his diaper each time (we believe) that he pees. A few times, we've even taken him to the potty at his request(!), only to discover that he'd just peed in his diaper! It's actually quite funny because we hoist him up onto the toilet, and then he leans forward with his head turned down so that he can watch ... and then he waits. Unfortunately for him (and us) he has yet to see the pee come out into the potty ~ but he is so anxious to see it! Our pediatrician (and many toddler materials) suggest starting to potty train boys at 2.5 years old; Collin's only 18 months. It'll be interesting to see if it's all just a game and he'll tire with it or if we're on the potty training trail!

Pic: Collin enjoyed playing in a box of foam popcorn 2.21.06.

Bath Time - Play Time - Pizza Time! 2.19.06

Miss Marley ~ 2.19.06

I just had to share pictures of my sweet, adorable, beautiful ~ and smarty-pants niece! When she was up a few weeks ago, her parents had put her down for a nap in Collin's (still unused) toddler bed. Well, that Little Missy certainly believed she was not ready for a nap. So, she climbed off of the bed, walked out the door, ran into a hurdle at the top of the stairs, grabbed the stool out of the nearby bathroom, and attempted to climb over the gate! Thank goodness she didn't/couldn't! It's a long fall to the bottom, Sweetie!

Toddler Battles ~ 2.17.06

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Collin is contantly testing his boundaries ~ which is exactly what a toddler his age should be doing. But oh, can it be frustrating!! Above is a picture of Collin about to climb onto his table so that he can reach the light switch in the living room. What follows if we aren't close enough to stop him is a fabulous light show as he turns the lights on and off! The optimistic angle? He's learning the concept of "on" and "off" and even practices the words!! (Who'd have ever thought ... We have opted to *encourage* him to stand on the couch - which is right next to the table - to allow him to practice with the light switch rather than letting him stand on the table! It's all a Catch-22.)

And oh the tantrums they can throw! Below is a picture of Collin that I just had to take! He is - especially since Owen's birth - very attached to his pacifier. He is only allowed it at naptime and bedtime; the rest of the time, it used to be kept/hid in a kitchen drawer. As you can see, Collin caught on to that!!

Collin's 18 Month Check-Up

Owen was sleeping on the couch ... but his brother wanted so badly for him to play!

Collin saw Dr. Troutman Feb. 17 (same day as pics above) for his 18-month check-up and immunization shots. Apparently at this check, most toddlers cry when the doctor walks in and - at least in our doctor's office - all toddlers sit on their parent's lap throughout the check. Collin was so brave though! Although his lip DID quiver when Dr. Troutman walked in, he put on a brave face (and I held his hand) and he sat on the examination table the whole time! By the end of the check, Collin was smiling and waved goodbye to the doctors and nurses ~ despite the shots! He passed all the exams with flying colors, and Dr. Troutman was very impressed with his social skills and self-confidence. Weight: 23 pounds, 4 ounces. Height: 32.75 inches.