Art by Collin

Wall-E 10.4.09
One of Collin's First Rocket Ships 4.09
"That's me blasting off and taking Kate for a ride!" 11.12.09
"Mommy, that's you picking out fruit! You picked the grapes!" 11.15.09
Space Capsule 11.09
Rocket Ship 11.09
Bounce Plane 2.10
Upper Wing Plane 2.10
Sattelite 2.10
Castle 3.10
Fire-Breathing Dragon 3.10
Knight 3.10
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3.10


Bringing New Meaning To:


Silly Kate ~ 21 & 22 Months

Happy 32nd Birthday to Me!

Zuanich Point Park ~ February 20, 2010
Jen, Owen, Katelyn, Kevin and Collin
Kate spent an hour riding the path and truly mastered her skills on the flat pavement!

Owen and Collin showed off, practiced wheelies, and enjoyed the sunshine!

We stopped for a light snack of trail mix: Cheerios, raisins, and mini-marshmallows. Kate picked out the raisins. Owen picked out the marshmallows (at least first, but he ate it all). Collin made mini s'mores, stacking a raisin and mini-mallow between two Cheerios!

I was Queen for a Day (though truly, I feel like it most every day), and it was a WONDERFUL DAY!!

Pacific Center Fountain & Children's Museum

How close can Grandpa get?
without getting wet!?!

Inside the Children's Museum construction zone, the kids and Grandma and Grandpa J work to build a structure!
But before long, we were on to music lessons ...
... and pretend rides in a buggy.
But we did stop at a local (pretend) market to grab a picnic lunch!

Tepker Beauty Salon

Collin: Can you see with all that hair in your face, Kate?
Kate: Yeah!

Collin: Hmmm. But you could see better. Maybe we can do something with that hair ...