Snow! 12.9.07

We were home for the second snowfall of the season 12.9.07. It lasted merely one afternoon and accumulated to less than an inch, but it was an opportune moment in time! The boys hit the "slope" of our driveway (there wasn't enough snow on the grass for sledding!), and Kevin stood guard at the bottom so they wouldn't scrape on the dry road. Then Kevin had the fun job of pulling the boys back up the "hill"! (I love being the photographer - oh, and pregnant!)

Then we walked through the neighborhood, and the boys were overjoyed to throw snowball after snowball at me!

Collin had been practicing his snow angels for months, so he was excited to make his first of the season!
Then the snowball fight was back on!
I can't wait for the next snowfall! Hopefully we'll have enough for our first snowman!

Special Times 12.9.07

Sawyer joined the Playdoh table and shared his giggling skills, as Collin amused to Sawyer's delight! It's so fun to watch Sawyer growing and wondering how he'll add to the now four-some!
Then the Gingerbread House craft began! The kids thoroughly enjoyed decorating the home, but I learned a big lesson: Build the House and let the "cement"/frosting dry before you attempt the decorations! Our House lost it's roof in the Quake of Excitment, mere moments after construction!


Experience the Magic

Collin: Where will Santa land his sleigh if we don't have any snow?
Me: That's the Magic of Christmas! ...

Saturday afternoon, as the snow flurried around us, we drove into downtown Seattle to meet Santa! The boys were so excited! As we waited in line, Collin asked the elves why they had jingle bells on their costumes. A: "Because they are magical!"

Collin: Do the jingle bells have the magic that lands Santa's sleigh?
Elf: They hold the Magic of Christmas!

Collin smiled, thought for a couple seconds, nodded his head, then asked no further questions of the elf. To me, he said, "The boys have magical jingle bells on the The Boys' Tree!" (He often refers to himself and Owen as "The Boys" - probably because we're always referring to them that way! And "the boys" have their own Christmas tree, plus we have a Family Tree.)

As the other kids continued to ask questions, "the boys" accepted color sheets and crayons and colored pictures for Santa while they waited in line. Elves passed out hot apple cider and warm cookies! (What a special treat for the kids ... and their pregnant Mommy!)

Once his picture was perfect, Collin had me write: "Dear Santa, I've been really good this year. Love, Collin" on the back, and he proudly placed the masterpiece in Santa's mailbox:

Owen colored intently, then marched up the steps, raised on his tip-toes, and added his work of art to Santa's lovingly-filled box:
Then it was time to meet Santa! Owen stopped in his tracks and started pointing, "Santa! Santa!" as Collin timidly approached.

Santa: Hello, Collin and Owen! Merry Christmas!

Collin stared at him in awe - how did Santa know his name??? (The Magic of Christmas!) He climbed up on Santa's lap and laughed as Santa "Ho! Ho! Ho!"-ed and tried to cajole Owen onto his lap as well.

Owen was a bit more curious ...
But both boys sparkled with joy as they experienced the Magic of Christmas and the wonder of meeting Santa!
Santa: What would you like for Christmas, Collin?
Collin: A bulldozer!
Santa: Ho! What else would you like?
Collin: (silence)
Santa: There must be something else ... ?
Collin: (after some more thought) A car!?
Santa: I thought so! Anything else?
Collin: (no hesitation) A horse!

Santa: And what would you like, Owen? A teddy bear?
Daddy: Owen, do you want a ball?
Owen (to Santa): Go Cougars!

As we said our goodbyes so the next family could meet Santa, Owen gathered all of the teddy bears to take home with him. His arms were wrapped pretty tightly, and I became nervous we might have a toddler moment - but the second Mrs. Claus brought him his candy cane, the bears dropped to the floor and were an instant lost memory!

*Parents: I would highly recommend meeting Santa at the Nordstrom in downtown Seattle, rather than at a snowy post inside a mall. At Nordy's, he really has an opportunity to meet with the children in a more private setting and for a longer period of time. He greeted the children by name, shook hands with Kevin and I, allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted, and paused for several moments to speak with the boys on their level. It was a fantastic experience! (much better than being ushered through a quick photo shoot inside the mall!)

I'm in love!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in court, and Katelyn kicked me in the ribs. Seconds later, she kicked again near my belly button! Within a moment, she kicked again in the same spot! I placed my hands on my belly and felt her movements as she continued to bat and kick for twenty minutes. It was as if the sun had risen, bright and shining, as I tuned out the rest of the world (lucky for me, my case wasn't called during this time) and simply enjoyed the rhythm of her movements. She started up again after dinner, playfully moving around until well after bedtime. It was the most wonderful day! I felt so connected to her, and so lucky to be able to feel her growing inside me. I am in love with her and so fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the beauties of motherhood. Oh, I can't wait to meet her!

We had our "official" ultrasound this afternoon, and the doctor confirmed her gender and noted that she's growing beautifully and proportionately and looks perfect! We saw her fingers and toes, watched her yawn and stretch, and marveled at the ultrasound capabilities. It was a great visit!

Oh - and for once, I didn't get a lecture on weight gain! Apparently, I was (!) gaining pretty rapidly, having put on 14 pounds by the last visit, when I should only have put on approximately 7. But by this visit, I had actually lost .2 pounds, so I guess I'm leveling out!