That's MY Eli!

The big kids fell in love with Eli the moment we told them he was going to be born. It was like he was always a part of our family, always meant to be. And now that he's here - we're complete. He fits right in, and we all still love every moment!

Even as they run by in play, the kids stop to say "Hi, Eli!!" almost every "run-by." ; )
Owen debated changing a diaper ... opted for evoking smiles instead!
Our silly man, Owen dressed E in his Seahawks hat last Sunday, the opening day of Seahawks Football 2010!
Kate has come to think of E has "My Eli," and she'll debate back and forth with Owen until he caves. Kate: He's MY Eli. Owen: No, he's OUR Eli. Kate: No, he's MY Eli. Owen: No, Kate, he's OUR FAMILY'S Eli. (and on and on until Owen says:) Ok, Kate. He's Eli.
Gotta love OUR four kids!

8 Weeks Old

Eli loves to smile when he first wakes from a nap, when he's on his changing table, when he sees his siblings! He loves silly faces and being sung to. He loves to snuggle. He prefers to sleep on his stomach, and, despite my best efforts, I think he's destined to find his thumb and be a thumb-sucker. He smells delicious and like rain and honey and fresh cut grass and all good smells that bring beautiful memories. He melts my heart.


Eli's Seven Weeks Old Today!

Good Morning, Little Man! At seven weeks old, E is alert and starting to smile!