Happy Halloween!

All four kids were healthy and ready to enjoy family traditions and fall fun by Monday!
Harry Potter and Hermione Granger joined our crew!

(aka Collin and Rikki)

We called him Harry all day because he was such a fantastic replica!  Over the summer, Collin read Book 1 and 2 then got to watch the movies!  In doing so, he found a great character to inspire his costume request.  I love it!  Cute, cute, cute!

Eli was our third monkey in 6 years!!  (Only Owen didn't enjoy a year in the monkey-suit!)  I absolutely love this picture, this costume, this little boy!

Katelyn couldn't quite decide what to be this year.  First, she wanted to be Pinkalicious.  Then Purplicious.  Then a bunny.  Then a purple bunny.  In the end, she designed her costume herself --- a Purple and Pink Ballerina Fairy Princess!

I especially love the love that's spread on her face as she clutches her daddy's hand in this photo!

Owen just LOVES this costume.  For the third year in a row, he was Batman!  I think he likes the mask and the sense that he's incognito!  But how can you mistake this kid?!  He's so awesome!