Christmas Morning

Collin woke up over a half hour before Owen, so he and I played in his room until finally, "BABY'S AWAKE!!!!" And we're off!

Owen's First Tool Bench

Until Christmas morning, Collin only had one engine for his train set (now there are three!), and Owen was constantly vying for it. So, for Christmas, Owen gave Collin an upgraded model and inherited the "old" model:

Collin went from having 10 tracks that formed a single oval to having enough tracks and accessories to cover the entire family room floor! We didn't plan it, but somehow everyone seemed to know that Santa was adding to the track so they did too!

Owen didn't quite get into unwrapping the gifts this year, but he loved the paper and bows OFF of the gifts! At one point he started collecting bows, openning and closing the gift box to put in each one separately:

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