Hello Again, Santa!

Happy Holidays from the Tepkers!!

The kids were SO excited to see Santa this year!  Kate woke up in the middle of the night last night to ask if we were flying to the North Pole today.  When I said no, she asked if we were taking the train to the North Pole "like Frosty the Snowman!"

Owen also was especially excited!  He made his list two days before Thanksgiving, and he's been tweaking it almost daily to make it just right.  

Sadly, Owen took his list to school Tuesday and lost it.  Wednesday night he awoke around 2:00 am crying that we couldn't go see Santa yet because he'd lost his list.  Good news!  He was able to rewrite it (leaving off an item or two!  AND using his own spelling skills!  see pic to the left) in plenty of time to bring it on our family holiday to visit the Jolly Ol' Elf himself.

I love that my kids asked for such practical items, such as life jackets.  They outgrew their old ones over the summer, so they need them anyway ~ awesome!

Collin's list was smaller than Owen's.  He pointed out that he made it strategically:  no toys and ONLY stuff that he really wants so hopefully Santa will bring it all!

Owen said:  "That's cool.  I really want it all." 

Waiting in line to see Santa is never uber fun.  But the kids were in excellent spirits!  Eli practiced his flying; Kate played a game then honed her jump rope skills; Owen drew for a bit then paced around and eyed the cookies; Collin snagged Grandma's phone and played a game.

 Collin is an old pro at mailing the list now.  He showed Owen exactly how it's all done.
Owen is trying really hard to stay on the nice list ... but candy canes and mischief are SO tempting!  While we were waiting, Collin and Owen did a "run through."  Owen sat on Collin's lap and told him he'd been good ALL year!  He couldn't say it with a straight face!  I think his plan is to win Santa over with his charm instead. ;-)

*Don't worry, O, you are definitely on the Nice List!  :-)        

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Owen:  A pocketknife.
Santa:  Oh!  (looks at me)  What are you going to do with that?
Owen:  Whittle.
Santa:  What will you whittle?  Rocks?
Owen (as I'm snapping the picture):  Hee, hee!  You can't whittle rocks!  I'm going to whittle wood!
Santa:  What do you want for Christmas?  
Kate:  A backback and a lunchbox like "My Boys."
Santa:  But you aren't even in school yet!  What do you need with a lunchbox?
Kate:  (No comment.  ... Just an incredulous look that seems to say, "Um, because I want one.  Because the boys have one.  Because that's the "it" item this year!  Because everyone who's anyone has one at my house these days.  So I need one.  Doesn't everyone want a lunchbox?")

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Collin:  Pants!
Santa:  Ho!  Ho!  What size are you now?!
Collin:  Seven.
Grandma:  He's getting so tall, Santa!
Me:  I ruined the washing machine (too much of the wrong soap; clogged the system) and the dirty baskets are piling up, and now my kid is asking for more pants!!  Zoinks, Santa!