Learning and Laughing Together

The boys are having as much fun with Kate "growing up" as I am ~ they love to play with her and get so excited when they see she's learned something new! They were both present when she took her first steps this past week and were bummed with me when she didn't take any more in the days that followed. So Saturday morning, they decided to practice with her to encourage her to resume her stepping!We talked to Daddy every day while he was in Illinois. Kate quickly caught on and Saturday she picked this phone up to her ear and was babbling "da-da, da-da" (unfortunately he wasn't on the other end at the time ~ wish he'd heard it!):
Kate is one silly, silly girl! She's suddenly bursting with energy and personality! And she is discovering so much ~ like that she can climb up a slide, that she can open kitchen cabinets, that she can take items in and out of every drawer/basket/container, that she can squeal in protest and get a reaction, etc. So fun!


We share daycare arrangement with another family, who has a little girl just two months older than Kate: Larkin. The two girls quickly became great friends and have so much fun together!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2009

Cheers to Green Chicken Alfredo, Broccoli, Green Dipping Oil and Bread and - most of all - green ice cream!! And Special Cheers to Good Friends!Owen and Brannon

Owen took over the camera and took (many) pics to document our good times!

Kate's First (Second) Steps

She took steps last Monday and then NOT AGAIN until yesterday! But after several attempts, we were able to catch some on camera. Special thanks to Cameraman Collin! Go, Kate!


Whidbey Island Half Marathon

I am officially registered for my first Half Marathon! I'll be running the Whidbey Island course March 29, 2009!


I think I can, I think I can ...

Kate loves trying to put on her own shoes, her brothers' shoes, eating daddy's shoes ~ doh! ; ) Atta girl, Katelyn!

Date Night

Kevin and I went to the Melting Pot with Jared and Janae Friday night ~ we came home to find this:
... Owen never puts that little car down! As for us, we went to the Melting Pot with Jared and Janae and had a great time! I have to say: 1. I love the idea of courses and of a long, meal with lots of time to visit. Such a plan engages the whole evening and doesn't leave you afterwards wondering: what do you want to do/go now? but 2. I was not impressed with the meal (especially for the price). I am positive we can do the whole fondue experience as good or better for a significantly lesser price. If you do go to the Melting Pot (and I'm not saying you shouldn't necessarily; what I'm saying is), you should opt for the cheese and chocolate courses only ~ those rocked!

St Patrick's Day Dash 2009

My dad and I ran the Seattle St. Patrick's Day Dash Sunday in the craziest weather! It was snowing when we left West Seattle:
It was pouring at the Starting Line by the Center House:It was clearing at the half-way point out on the Aurora Bridge (!):And it was a downpour when we sprinted to the finish line against "rivers" running down the course:We were soaked by the end but had a BLAST! It was only as we neared the car that the chill set on ... : )

*My only regret is that the boys didn't get to run their first race (the Leprechaun Lap) due to the weather. Next year has GOT to be better, Boys!

*BTW: I'm training for a Marathon and ran 15 miles along West Seattle's shoreline Saturday in similar weather. Totally nuts. But as I ran the last mile and looked out onto Elliot Bay, there, just above a ferry crossing the waters, was a big, beautiful, full rainbow. And the sun had dried me off. Talk about awesome.

Rock and Roll with O - 3.16.09


Guess Who Is ...

... Walking!!!
At 11 months, 1 week, Kate took her first steps tonight!! And then - icing on the cake - she stood up without holding on to anything!! Congratulations, my little BIG girl!! I can hardly believe it!

If only Daddy could have been here to see it ... The pics above were taken immediately afterwards. Then I started trying to catch her steps on video ~ a whole other story! We'll post a video as soon as I can get it set up, get Kate to take the steps on command, and then catch the act on tape in less than a minute OR as soon as Collin or Owen's attempts at creating a documentary catch the steps instead of a 360 view of the room, including the ceiling!

*We're thinking of you, Daddy, and sending you and and G&G T hugs and kisses and many, many good thoughts and well wishes! (Grandpa T was rushed to the hospital in Illinois yesterday afternoon following what now appears to have been a smallish heart attack, perhaps followed by a second a couple hours later. But today's reports have all been good, and the doctors hope to send him home tomorrow with meds and strict instructions to take care of himself. Kevin will be in Illinois at least until Sunday to visit and help his family. We love you, Grandpa!! And, Daddy! And Grandma! And G&G B too! And all of our Illinois fam!! Oh, gosh, and all of our family everywhere! We love you, one and all! ; )



The Letter of the Week at our house this week is R. So yesterday Collin was making his R page with pictures of things that start with R. A ruler, a rainbow, a rock, some raindrops ~ and an arm.

Lori: Collin, what's that?
Collin: An arm.
Lori: Oh, an arm. Does "arm" start with R? Sounds kinda like it does but -
Collin: Lori, no! The arm is Reaching!! R is for Reaching!