Moments with Others

Let's face it: blogging is hard to keep up! But I'm always striving to keep you "posted" - which is why I'm just recently blogging Collin's August birthday and posting Christmas and New Years two months after the fact. Thankfully, you don't have to just look at our page for Tepker Moments!

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Happy New Year 2009

Nine Months Old

Christmas Moments 2008

Collin's Rudolph Ornament

Christmas Aftermath with G&GY

My and my Granddad 12.25.08

I love you, Grandpa!!

Grandma J made the boys new jammies for Christmas and Kate the cutest Christmas dress!!
So adorable!

Christmas Eve with the Tepkers

Christmas 2007 the kids made cookie-cutter gingerbear cookies for Santa. In November 2008, Collin put in his request: "Santa really liked the cookies last year, Mom! We need to make gingerbread cookies again for him!" And so we did. (*And he+she loved them!)

In their Christmas Jammies

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care ...

Our Chrismas King

Baby's First Christmas Eve ~ complete with a HUGE bruise on her forehead, caused when her brother Owen accidentally introduced the very stool featured in this picture to her cute little melon the day before. Oh, Brother! It was a rough Christmas for Kate. The next day, she played patty-cake with a fireplace and burned the tips of all the fingers on her right hand (thankfully she's also a smarty and kept them in icy water afterwards - probably because it felt good - and the burns healed in just over a week).Collin, who had nearly memorized The Night Before Christmas by Christmas Eve, read the classic to Owen (and their handmade sock puppets from G&G J) before they snuggled in for the magical night!

Silly Kids!

My basket of goofballs! 11.16.08

Haiden Dawn ~ 12.19.08

Congratulations to Rylie, Justin, Sarah, Jamie and John on the arrival of my youngest niece: Haiden Dawn! Love you guys!!

Owen 12.08

Who wants to be a starter?
Way to go, Jedi Pirates! Great season!!

Owen dresses himself - and usually, he comes downstairs in "normal" attire. However, he often has two or three pairs of underwear and a pair of boxers. On this day, he also had four shirts ~ and a little difficulty getting the third and fourth one on! : )

He still doesn't know how to use his brakes (and like his dad, he thinks you should wear shorts even though it's been snowing off and on all week) but he can cruise with the best of 'em!

Kate at 7 Months - 11.08


Snowy Memories

Remember when we were snowed in in Monroe? I sure do! We had such a great time! Here's a few extra pics I wanted to share:

Brian, Jordan, Christi and I played Hearts by candle and fire light! It took us 8 tries to get a picture with all 4 heads in it!At one point, I took the yard still out to the back porch table. It was measuring 17 inches. By the time we left the next day, another 5 inches had accumulated.
Collin and I caught snowflakes in the Winter Wonderland!
I love crunchy face!
These bath pics were taken in the Aitkin's master bath moments before the power went out during our snowed-in stay! Fun times and great memories!



Although at 3, most of his words are clear as can be, there are a few that require interpretation for those who aren't around him often. My two favorite Owen "words that require interpretation"of the moment:

twying (trying)
ors (yours)

And he rarely says "I love you" ... even if he is the first to speak, he often says: "I love you too!"


Seal Pack

As we ran around Lake Padden Sunday morning, Christina and I stopped quick when we heard the most intriguing sound. Since it was dark, and we were running by headlamp and moonlight, our first thoughts rushed through the animal noises we might hear from woodland creatures.

Bear? No. Cougar? No. Coyote? Not quite the right sound, but closer.

It sounded like - whatever it was - it was on the other side of the lake. And if it was a coyote, it wasn't likely to attack us, so we kept running. I am so glad we did.

1/4 mile later, we heard it again - and again, we stopped in our tracks.

"Sounds like a seal pack!" Christina exclaimed. Seals in Lake Padden?!

Turns out we were hearing the sound of ice melting! Beautifully, we listened as the ice covering the lake cracked, melted, bobbed. It was AWESOME! One of the most beautiful sounds and most amazing moments I've had in nature.

To think most of Bellingham was still asleep, safe and cozy (and warm!) in their beds. But they missed it. Lucky us!!