Holiday Crafts

The holidays are a fantastic time to get crafty!  Each year the kids make at least one ornament to add to the tree and a "duplicate" (or more) to gift.  This year so far, we've made foam snowmen, cupcakes, and puzzled reindeer (love these!!):
*Those are my girlfriends BreeAnne and Kristen.  They shared a Saturday with us and got their craft on!  Fun to have not-yet-mommy friends spend a whole day with me and my kids!
Collin was experiementing with ornament hangers, hence the candy cane!  GREAT idea, but it's unwrapped and sticky!  ; )

Puzzled Reindeer:  Take old, mis-matched puzzles pieces.  Glue together to form your head and antlers.  Spray the trio with paint (we used metallic gold).  Add a nose and two eyes.  Hello, Rudolph!!

I haven't taken a pic yet, but these look FANTASTIC on the tree!!