My Boys ~ 2.16.06

One Month! 2.16.06

New Adventures

Last night as Collin was drinking his milk, Kevin turned on a kid's cartoon. The characters were singing to a rythmic beat, so both Kevin and I started snapping our fingers. Suddenly Collin threw up his hands with a shrill of excitment and started trying to snap his fingers also! It was soooo fun!! He was giggling, and we were laughing hysterically!This afternoon Owen discovered a toy dangling above in black and white stripes, and he stared at it for quite some time. I love watching his little eyes focus and wondering ... what's he thinking? Here's Owen playing on the activity mat:


Fun Times ~ Feb. 11-12, 2006

Friday night Uncle Jared and Janae came up for a visit, and Collin had so much fun showing off! Below he stands on the edge of the slide, daring gravity to take him down! Meanwhile, Owen and Uncle Jared checked each other out.
And one of my favorite facial expression Owen makes ...

We spent Sunday morning lounging in our PJs. As you can see, Collin, Owen and I were truly sporting fabulous bedhead hairdos!
Later, Kevin cuddled with Owen.
And Sean turned Collin's ploys into acrobatic stunts! (Sean came up Saturday night to visit.)


Three Weeks and One Day ~ 2.8.06

Love Ya! 2.8.06

Brotherly Love ~ 2.8.06

Window Art ~ 2.8.06

Shaving Cream becomes a work of art, a fancy feast, and an toddler's dream come true!

Let's get the windex and clean up our mess!! Uh-oh ... Mom, I just figured out how to work the childproof latches; now I can get into everything ... are you watching this?!


A Family of Four

What a wonderful time we have been having! Welcoming Owen into our family was a true joy. He is an amazing boy, and I am so glad he's finally here! We have had our share of adjustments as we learn to parent two boys and juggle play, work, and sleep, but it is soooo worth it ~ especially when Collin leans in to kiss Owen. They are already teaming up. Collin adores Owen, stopping to hug and kiss him often as he flys by. And Owen always calms when his brother nears. Of course, the best intentions do not always create the best circumstances. There has been more than one time that Collin has tried to climb up on the couch to sit next to his brother, offer a hug or kiss, or try to console Owen with a pacifier when Collin has inadvertantly sat on Owen's head (!) or smothered him with a hug too tight. But he has never purposefully harmed Owen, and we couldn't be happier with his gentle and loving reaction to Owen's constant presence. Most recently, Collin has become fascinated with holding Owen on his lap, and I have to keep contant watch that Collin doesn't attempt on his own to pick his brother up and prop him in his arms. : )

Milestones: Owen's bellybutton fell off on January 29 (Day 12). Also, he had his circumcision January 31, and it has already healed. --- Owen's first day in Court was January 30, and he is now a regular there ~ making friends with the security guards, the clerks, and of course, the myriad legal beagles I associate with, who often are employed to babysit in the halls when my cases are called. --- February 1, each with a case of cabin fever after two weeks at home, we reentered the big bad world as a family and shared a pizza dinner at Boston's Pizza!

Of Note: Owen, just as Collin did, has difficulty digesting and tends to fuss greatly with each bowel movement. But so long as all is passed, he shares with us a very content disposition and everyone comments on what a good boy he is. --- When lying on his back, Owen almost always turns and gazes to the left. --- Where Collin was a big fan of having his legs "pumped," Owen is quickly calmed when held close and his bum patted.

Superbowl XL ~ Go Seahawks!!

Our neighbors Steve, Katie and one-year old Natalie came over, and we had a great time watching the Seahawks play in the Superbowl! What a thrill!

Pics: (1) Collin, in his Conference Champions Seahawks gear, throws up his hand(s) to indicate "Touchdown Seahawks!" (2) Owen slept peacefully before the festivities began; shortly afterward we cranked the tunes and started prefunking! (3) Here Owen is looking at me as if to say, "if you make that flash go off in my face one more time ..." (4) Collin and Natalie sat in the rocking chairs just like us "bigger" kids a great majority of the game, entertaining each other and drinking their watered-down juices! (5) Steve tossed both kids over his shoulder in a moment of excitment as the Seahawks neared the goal line!