More July 4 2008 Shaw Pics

Collin took great interest in photography during this trip. If you look back at the previous July 4 post, you'll see some pictures he took (see in particular the Gma's Crocs). His favorite things to document are shoes and profiles (he took pictures of many unknown persons at the baseball game, and all of them smiled and posed for him!).

More End of July 2008 Shaw Pics

We all climbed into the boat for a trip to Pebble Beach. By the time we got there all three kids were fast asleep, rocked by the rolling waves.
Early morning crab pot check - the boys went with G&G in their jammies. : )
Kate started laughing during this trip - one of her favorite things to this day is to have her feet clapped and the bottoms rubbed together!
Talking with Grandma

September Moments 2008

This was one of Kate's first baths with all 5 cousins! She was a bit astounded to be sure! And Taylor wanted to teach her how to lay back to rinse her hair, so the two of them took up half the bath while the three bigger kids squished on the other end. : )

Twins! I can't even tell you how often these two are mistaken for twins! If the other siblings aren't around, everyone assumes these two - who are 5 months apart in age - are twins. It's so ironic that my sister and I each had brunettes first, toe-heads second.

Back problems? Nope! Case of the Crazies?! Yep!!

Sweet Dreams - 5 months old

This picture speaks to me in so many ways. The kids had snuck into G&G Y's neighbor's garden and were peeking into their pond. If I cropped it, you would see that their faces have the appeal of a child exploring a new area for the first time AND an area that is "off limits" AND they don't know that I'm watching (and capturing) their every move. It was so innocent and sweet, yet full of mischief!



I found my first gray hair yesterday. I was washing my hands, looked into the mirror, and there it was - springing out of my head - almost laughing at me in its absolute obviousness. My instinct was to groan and feel somewhat lost and go through a monologue about how old I must be getting.

But then I realized where I was washing my hands. At Center Cycle in Renton (my uncle's bike shop). Because I was buying a new trail bike. Because I'm healthy and fit and kick ass. Because I may be turning 31 in a month, but I'm a wife, a mother of three, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an aunt, a neighbor, an attorney. I ran 10 miles on Saturday. I love to laugh and play. I'm having the most fun and am my most happy! I love my life, and I enjoy it!

And it's JUST a gray hair.

So bring it on Gray! I'm ready for you!!!

(just in case, I have a hair cut and color in a few weeks ... ; )


Owen's 3rd Birthday Party - January 17, 2009

We celebrated SuperKid Owen's 3rd Birthday Saturday at the Jump Around Fun Zone in north Bellingham! Grandma J made everyone a SuperHero belt, and we painted masks on the party guests! All the SuperFriends had a blast jumping, sliding, and running! Then there was time for coloring, pizza, cake and presents!

What was your favorite part of your birthday party, Owen?

Going up the stairs to the top of the slide with Marley:
What was your favorite part of the birthday party, Collin?
Collin and MaryJane master the SuperHero Training Course, helping Batman find the Joker cards and trace the Joker's tracks:
Owen: MOMMY! MOMMY! MARYJANE IS HERE! I HAVEN'T SEEN HER IN A REALLY LOVE TIME, AND I LOVE HER!! (Owen and MaryJane have grown up together at Blossom, and we get together with them at least every summer and for our annual Halloween walk through Fairhaven. Since we left Blossom, Owen has commented more than once on missing MaryJane. I am so glad she was able to make it to the party!)

Owen and MaryJane jumping at the bottom of the slide:
Taylor searches for the kryptonite Lex Luthor left to weaken Superman and bring down the SuperFriends:
Riley found the Kryptonite and Saved the Day:Keira enjoyed the SuperToddler play area:Collin, Owen and Anouk spent the week making decorations for the party. In the pic below is a comic strip word bubble and Collin's drawings of Batman and Robin:
Owen took off his socks and climbed to the top of the slide. He then slid back down, grabbed Marley's hand, and tried to help her make the climb! (That was Grandma Y's favorite part!) Notice the black strip in the middle of the slide? I think that's from Owen's face mask and sliding face first ... : )Marley was a fashion SuperHero Diva ~ love the mask, Uncle Jared!
Chris added artwork to the cool chalk tables in the birthday room:
After the pizza and cake, sliding is "off limits" so the kids played air hockey while we packed up the car:Then the family headed home for playtime, Pictionary, steak fajitas (Owen's favorite dinner), and a cousin sleepover!
Happy Birthday, Owen!!