Let it Snow!

Today was Collin's first snow adventure! Last year he was too young to notice the white flakes, but this year he discovered them with the precious eyes only a child beholds. He explored in amazement and enjoyed every minute ~ from bundling up in his new snow gear to testing his balance in the winter wonderland of our cul-de-sac.

Pics: (1) Reading the REI tag of his new snow pants; (2) The first fall (didn't know this stuff was so slick!); (3) Walking to the center island of our cul-de-sac; (4) Footprints in the Snow; (5) Notice the frost on his little gloves ~ he'd just reached down to grab a handful of snow!

O Christmas Tree

Ah, traditions! For the fourth year in a row (every year since Kevin and I met), we traveled out to a U-cut tree farm with my dad and Lani to pick out the perfect family tree. This year, we had great success and found our tree more quickly than ever! I think it was in Row 8 of 150ish. Since we knew it would be the first year Collin actually took an interest in the tree and that it was going in our front room - which is also now Collin's playroom - it's a much smaller and more narrow tree than we had last year (which is slightly a bummer). But it fits very nicely in our front window and looks quite festive and lovely from 2 feet on up! The bottom two feet are adorned with jingle bells and unbreakables that Collin loves to move from branch to branch (and room to room). I like to think it's his way of spreading Christmas Joy!


Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated a wonderful Thanksging holiday at our home Thursday with my mom & Kevin and Chrissy, Tracey & Marley. Collin especially loved the green bean casserole (even before it was cooked!) and sweet potato biscuits, and Marley especially enjoyed the carrots and white rolls. As for me, I fell in love with turkey and gravy all over again, but I do believe I ate the least this year than ever before ~ Owen is taking up too much room! : )

At our doctor visit the day before Thanksgiving, we discovered that I'm still measuring three weeks ahead of schedule ~ so I'm a big mama! (but no indications that Owen will be early or anything) Fortunately, most of the "growth" is out front where I literally appear to have shoved a basketball underneath my shirt! Unfortunately, with that growth is coming the dreaded stretch marks ~ many more than I received when I was pregnant with Collin. Bummer!

As of today (Nov. 28), only 50 days to go. 7 weeks from tomorrow, Owen'll be here!!!


69 Days to Go!

In the past two or three days, several people have commented that I really seem to have "popped" out in a major way. Of course, to me, I just feel like I'm becoming more and more pregnant (if that's possible?). But, I just got back from my OB-GYN visit, and Owen is indeed growing heartily. I have "suddenly" popped out more! Whereas two weeks ago, I measured right on track; today I measured three weeks ahead! This really means nothing in the long run as babies have growth spurts in the womb, just as they do after birth. But what it means to me is a great deal of explanation. I've lately had many more sleepless nights and really started to feel pregnant, in the sense that I feel large and stretched, unbalanced and awkward ~ and I am beginning to develop a waddle when I'm not paying attention. The good news is that I still have lots of energy and motivation and have been able to keep up fairly well with our roaming toddler. : )

Other news on the baby front: the C-section has been scheduled, and Owen will be born Tuesday, January 17 , 2006, at 9:30 a.m. (ish) (unless he has sooner plans)! Kevin has arranged to take off four fabulous weeks of paternity leave this time, and my mom will be up for a week to watch Collin while we're in the hospital and assist with the homecoming. Yeah! It's coming up soon! I can't wait to meet him!


Trick or Treat!

Although Collin did go Trick or Treating with Dad around the cul-de-sac, his highlight of the evening was opening (and closing) the front door and laughing at the myriad kids! He couldn't quite get past how silly they all looked and wanted each to stay and play, rather than take candy and be on their way. Needless to say, we got as many "Oh he's so cute"s as we handed out! Great fun!