Note to Collin

Collin, you are an amazing, witty child. You are smart, and at the same time, you are quirky and funny, without trying to amuse. I love to watch your brain in action. Your favorite game this month is Yahtzee, and I'm enjoying watching you learn multiplication tables and adding in your head as you keep your own scorecard. It's fascinating! You are passionate about learning, exploring. The other night you explained to me the different kinds of leaves (simple, feathered, hand, etc.), and you pulled out a chart your teacher had sent home for homework -- you were to go around the neighborhood and chart the leaves you find. You were so excited about the project that you were outside, combing the neighborhood, in the dark, at 8:00 at night. Thank you for staying on the sidewalk while I went to get my shoes! You are a very responsible child - I never have to ask you to put your shoes in your cubby when you come in the house, and you make certain everyone is aware that we don't wear shoes on our downstairs carpets. (Thanks for reminding everyone!) You are the first awake each morning, and the first to bed each night. You like to read in bed, but enjoy your rest so quickly turn out the light. I rarely have to remind you to brush your teeth. You usually beat me downstairs, grab the stool, and surprise me each morning with your breakfast ensemble. Some days you make yourself a toasted cheese sandwich (sometimes you add ham). Some days you enjoy a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. You love yogurt, bananas, croissant breakfast sandwiches. One morning you ate carrots and raisins ... happily! On the weekends you love to make us pancakes and sausage links. You have had an excellent soccer season, and your skills have increased dramatically. One day on the way to the game, you asked me if I would please always leave either you or Owen on the field at all times (not sub you both out at once) so that you could make sure the other team didn't score. I laughed and tested your theory. We were only scored on three times that day; you and Owen were both on the sidelines. That was the only game we lost this season (so far - last game is Saturday). I delight in watching you and your brother on the field together. You respect each other, work together, and talk. If one of you has the ball, the other moves to an area of assistance. It's awesome! Together, you are unstoppable. I hope that synergy exists forever.

Each morning you kids get ready for school, shoes and jackets on, then line up the dining table chairs on the edge of the carpet movie-theater-like, to watch a cartoon until Dad or I is ready to leave. This morning, Kate moved her chair so close to Owen's that the sides lined up against each other. I smiled and said to Owen: "That's one of the ways she tells you she loves you, O." He did not hesitate. He leaned over and pulled your chair right up against his other side. I was blown away. That's one of the ways he says "I love you, Collin."

You watch a lot of football with Dad, and I am astounded by how much you understand about the game. You are starting to remark when a player makes a move that's not up to your expectations. You have ideas and suggestions, alternate plays. I often wonder if you will play football. You think like a quarterback, or a coach.

You are a leader and a teacher. I watch you every day with your brothers and sister. You help Kate in and out of her seatbelt. You are teaching her to zip her jacket and buckle her shoes. If you see Kate struggling with something or frustrated, you go to her, speak to her on her level, and have a keen ability to turn her frown upside down and build her confidence and joy. You give so much! Lately, you've been reading to Owen. But mostly you like to wrestle, kick the indoor soccer ball, or get into mischief with Owen. I love that. Kate gets right in to all of your play when she can, and you both welcome her - even if her skill is below yours (and it most often is, of course). You teach her how to play or explain calmly that she's ruining your game. Sometimes she gets the game and plays along; last night she just got your football and ran off with it. Your game was over, but you both laughed anyway. I love that!

We went to your first Haunted House last weekend. You thought the whole thing was funny! You weren't spooked at all! In fact, the only thing that remotely seemed to startle you was the cobweb that brushed the top of your head when it was all over. You are a very grounded kid. You don't "make believe" much - but when you do, it's very fun! We have a game we play. I am a crocodile in the center of the room, and you kids run around the "swamp" while I try to snap at you. You love it and race back and forth, dodging my arms (er, jaw and sharp teeth). We laugh the whole time.

I wish I could capture every silly smile. I could live these days for the rest of my life. These are good times! I love you so very much!

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