Pancakes with Santa 2011

We headed out to Sudden Valley (which we have affectionately called Sunflower Valley for years, thanks to "Bob the Builder") for Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus Saturday morning!  Santa greeted us at the door, red mug of coffee in his hand and happy grin on his face.  The kids chatted with him about their week, and he told them stories about his adventures since we'd seen him (he's visited a couple of local agencies this week!).  Then it was time for breakfast!  Collin said:  "Mrs. Claus makes the BEST sausage links!"  So I went back to tell her ... and to take note of the brand for breakfasts at home.  They were the exact same ones we buy at Costco!!  Funny that they taste better when served by Mrs. Claus. :-)
 The kids wolfed down pancakes and sausage then set up camp at the Arts and Crafts tables!
 The good news for them was this:  the syrup dispenser poured fast and generous!  So they had a little pancake with their syrup!!  (far cry from the way I serve it to them in a small dipping bowl!)  They loved it!  And as the full impact of the sugary syrup hit, I was happy we were in a Barn (more of a community hall).  The kids could run and jump and dance!  And they did, of course!

 And then it was time for pics with Santa!  Kate wasn't shy this time.  In fact, she'd woke up saying, "I'm going to sit on Santa's lap this time.  Not like the last two times.  I'm going to sit on his lap!"
 And back to the tom-foolery:

Eli was having a blast playing ball with the kids.  He was also the perfect size to collect the ball each time it was lost under the stage: