A Christmas Story @ 5th Avenue Theater ~ 2010

Grandma and Grandpa J gave us tickets to see "A Christmas Story" at the 5th Avenue Theater last December!  It was the kids first playhouse production, and we were SO excited!  We met up with Grandmpa for lunch at Rock Bottom first, where the kids made their own pizzas and enjoyed root beer (their favorite!).

Then Grandpa took off with Eli, and the big kids, GGG, and I headed across the street for the show!
 It was a BLAST!  To this day (one year later), the kids and I still belt out a chorus from the show:  "Ralphie to the rescue!  A-ah!"  Sometimes we alter it, like this:  "Eli to the rescue!  A-ah!!"
*GGG joined us because Kevin wasn't able to use his ticket (had to work).