Tis the Season

Tis the Season for pre-party festivities, and the boys had a blast this year! The day before the families started arriving, the boys and I stayed home for a day of fun, fun, and more fun. I had set Collin up with finger paints and paper and Owen at the window for his first time with shaving cream. As you can see, once done with his finger paint, Collin decided to show Owen the myriad ways to play with shaving cream in addition to simply painting the window! (*Hope that explains why Collin has no shirt and green on his chest). Collin was fascinated each time he clapped his hands and cream splattered everywhere, but it was making a terrible mess, so I told him he'd have to take it outside. I've never seen a boy have so much fun clapping! He'd run out, clap a few times, jump up and down in excitment, then run in because "it's cold, Mommy!" Then, after a quick warm out, "do again?" and off he'd go.For the third year in a row, my girlfriend Danielle came over to make Christmas cookies, and for the first year, Collin joined in the fun! Needless to say, almost all the cookies that turned out were eaten on the spot! Yummy!
"I want to flip it ~ like a pancake!"

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