Merry Christmas ~ 12.25.05

We had a wonderful Christmas as you can see from the pics above! Collin was so much fun ~ he really made it a special day for us. I am already looking forward to next year!

Here's a rundown of the pics: (1) Santa Came! (2) Wow! "More" Mom! Let's open gifts! (3) You mean I actually get to knock those down, Dad?! (4&5) The joys of vaccuuming. Collin absolutely loves to watch and laugh when we vaccuum, so it was very appropriate to get him his own vaccuum so he could enjoy the "fun." We only wish it actually worked! We'd have the cleanest floors on the block! (6) Family Photo (7) Enjoying Christmas Dinner with a Really Big Boy Fork! (8) Blast Off! Collin especially enjoyed his new rocket ship from Grandma and Grandpa Yanasak ~ it makes great noises and vibrates when it "takes off!" Thanks! (9) All tuckered out and ready for bed, Collin and Marley have a milky nightcap. (10) Although he awoke with a fever of over 101, Collin was all smiles as I played Peak-a-Boo from behind the kitchen wall the next morning!

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