Dad showed Collin how to use his first golf clubs this past week. Collin caught on quick and loves to play with them, but we have to watch closely when he's indoors with the clubs as he doesn't necessarily have great depth perception. Owen is narrowly missed during some of the swings. We now have a rule that he can't play anywhere near Owen! Just like he can't play "Ring Around the Rosie" near Owen ... again, no depth perception; he tends to "fall down" just a tad too close!! 4.21.06 Owen enjoys the welcome sun! 4.22.06
Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs came up Sunday the 23rd to help turn our flower bed into a sandpit for the boys. After we (mostly Grandpa - since Kevin is currently on the injured list) hauled the plants and dirt out of the bed, Collin enjoyed the final product. And boy does he enjoy it! Now that our backyard is fenced and prepped, I can open the door and let Collin roam a bit. Most often since Sunday, when I poke my head outside to check on him, Collin can be found busily working away in his sandpit. How fun to be a kid!

As the sun starts to set, Grandpa and Collin steal final moments of the long afternoon spinning circles in the grass!

Easter Weekend ~ 16th + 17th

Christina and I took the kids to their first Easter Egg Hunt (more of a Candy Pick Up than an egg hunt) Saturday the 16th. It was so much fun! We opted to put the kids in the "2 and under without parents" ring, so when the horn sounded, starting the hunt, the kids rushed under the rope but then had no idea what to do next! They stared at each other (all 50 of them) and at us parents, who were a noisy bunch to say the least, each prompty his or her child to pick up the candy and put it in the baskets. Luckily, the kids caught on to the concept. And then they had a blast!

Collin and Marley shared a basket, which turned out to be just fine. At first, Marley was the keeper of the candy, and she did a fantastic job! Together they filled the basket with all kinds of candy. Then Collin had a turn carrying the basket, and he promptly dumped out its contents, sat on the ground next to the loot, and started sorting through it all. Of course, this simply would not do. So, Marley was reappointed keeper of the basket. And she began to refill it ~ with only the Peppermint Patties. : )

At one point, Collin, without a basket of his own, began filling other kids' baskets!

After the hunt, we colored our hard-boiled eggs with crayons then dipped them in food coloring for a colorful potato salad at Easter dinner! Luckily, out of 18, only 3 eggs met the tiled floor close-up.

Alki Beach ~ 4.9.06

Photo Shoot ~ 4.8.06

As you all can tell, I take a lot of photos and I know how hard getting a good shot can be. BUT my efforts are nothing compared to the frustrations of professional photo shoots.

I took the boys to the Babies R Us photographer Saturday the 8th. After breakfast and baths, we arrived at 9:15 - 15 minutes before the store even openned. Much to my dismay, so did at least 5 other families. So, it was a full two and a half hours (!) later before it was our turn ~ which means ~ past lunchtime and just in time for Collin's nap (we had to wake Owen up). On top of that, Collin had pink eye, and the photographer kept swiping his face with a dust broom to get him to smile. His eye became more irritated, and she failed to produce a smile. Would you smile if a dust broom was feathering your face?! Anyway, we did get a couple of decent shots, but I won't be heading back there for a photo shoot anytime soon.


Range of Emotions ~ 4.7.06

Milestones: Although he doesn't speak often, Collin can say many words. Wednesday, he decided to share a few more with us: truck, sit down, touchdown, baa, moo, more, broom, bath. Words he's already said (that I can remember off the top of my head): dada, mom, dog, duck, ball, yogurt, up, this ("dis"), and definitely "yah."


Eleven Weeks + 2 Days 4.6.06

Playing in Pajamas ~ and Hats and Socks! 4.4.06

What I say: "Hey, Collin, sit next to your brother so I can take a picture!"
What he hears: "Hey, Collin, sit on your brother!"
What I say: "No, Collin, not on your brother!"
What he hears" "No, Collin, move your brother!"

Jacqui visited for the past three days since her school is enjoying spring break. Tuesday morning when I went to court, she suggested to Collin that he go get dressed for the day. Here's how he looked when he came out of his room:


Lake Padden ~ 4.2.06

19 1/2 Months Old
Just Grandpa and Me
2 1/2 Months Old
Walk the Log
Wait Up! Quack!
Making a Splash!!
Discovering Worms

Lazy Saturday ~ 4.1.06

What a nice, lazy, dazy Saturday we had with Grandpa Carmody! Collin especially enjoyed his visit, following Grandpa everywhere!

Pics: (1) + (2) Owen - and Grandpa! - had a nice long nap together on the couch. (3) Collin, fresh from a walk outside, decides it's time to "wake things up a bit". (4) Collin kisses the smiling face Grandpa painted on the window! (5) Collin is excited about his accomplishment ~ stairs are so much fun when you can walk up and down them!

Spring is Here ~ 3.31.06

The boys and I shared a beautiful Friday afternoon with our friends Katie and 19 month old Janie. The two toddlers had so much fun exploring the park ~ smelling flowers, chasing seagulls, and daring gravity on the jungle gym! You can't turn your eye for a second or you're bound to find Collin three feet above ground and climbing ~ as I did in the picture above! I was by his side by the fourth rung, and he made it to the top all by himself ~ but boy was I nervous!!