Christmas Eve 2010

 Time to bake cookies for Santa!

 Owen went to work on some very detailed Gingerbread Men!

 Eli's First Christmas Eve!!

 You get to open ONE present!  *Last year was the first year Collin put it all together and guessed it'd be pajamas (we give pajamas every Christmas Eve ~ just sounds SO fun to be warm and cozy in soft new pjs for the holiday!).  It was almost as if as soon as he held the wrapped present, something clicked, and he said:  "It's going to be pajamas.  It has to be ... but it doesn't feel like it!"

 Tricked!  Two gifts this year!  The kids opened their gifts to each other AND their pjs.  Kate opened a flashlight from the boys, and the boys opened Beyblades from Kate and each other.


 Beyblades ~ the Hit of 2010
 Beyblades make for great Christmas Eve fun!
 Four Generations of Women

 Eli is eyeing those cookies and that carrot!

 Cute, little monkey!  5 Months Old