Happy 11-Month Birthday Eli!

Eli was playing football with the boys in the playroom tonight, which means he was chasing after it and they were throwing it back and forth over his head, playing keep-a-way. Suddenly, Collin had a thought:

Collin: "Now that Eli is taking steps, we need to teach him how to really throw a football!" Owen: "Should we teach him how to talk first?"

Eli is 11 months today! A happy, delightful boy, he is full of mischief and fun! He has a sparkle in his eye and will always tuck his head down and dive head-on into everything (and anything!). He LOVES his siblings and crawls to them all day long to give them hugs, open-mouth kisses, and headbutts (nuzzles). He's learning to walk -- up to 11 steps tonight! He is a super loud chatterbox and singer, but he doesn't have any words yet. He can sort of say "all done," and he waves hello, good-bye, and good-night. He doesn't have any teeth yet, but he eats everything in sight -- sometimes more than his oldest brother (who is setting records around here these days!). He loves spaghetti and bananas and peas and macoroni and waffles. (Who doesn't?!) When he's done, he signs; if you don't respond, he starts dropping food on the floor. He loves to dance, move things in and out of boxes/drawers/bags, and play peak-a-boo with any fabric (his favorite, he'll hate me later for saying, is to take all of Kate's underware out of it's drawer, play peak-a-boo with them - pulling them atop of his head or wrapping them around the back of his neck like a scarf - and then put them back in their place to start the game all over again!). He is a lover and gives the best hugs! He bops to happening jams with a smile on his face, and he claps when he's happy! He loves to crawl right into the mix and is constantly the break-down of board games, lego contruction, and football card sorting. "Mo-om, come get Eli!!!" He is a fantastic sleeper and sooths himself to sleep with a blankie and a bink (which he gets only at night for bed) around 8 and wakes around 6. He takes two naps a day, but is flexible with our schedule and is never fussy or grumpy despite missed or late or cut-short naps! We call him E, Eli, Eli-B-li, and E-Money. We love you, Little E!!