Spring ~ with new opportunities and adventure ~ is knocking on the door!

There's excitement in my home today!  Seems like we've been balancing pretty well, and the rewards are awesome!  Without going into too much detail, Kevin and I picked out a few things we wanted to focus positive energy on this year, and - I know it's only March but - I can tell that our efforts are working!  In particular, I committed to work on balancing my/our most important goals, rather than squeezing in all of my/our great ideas.  This has been challenging for me (I've had to say no and miss a few events that I'd have loved to participate in and I've established boundaries I hadn't realized I desired), and I have never felt so calm and rewarded.  I'm enjoying my moments much more, and I'm avoiding feelings of stress I used to create with excessive planning and squeezing and double-booking, etc.  And that's just me!

Each member of my family has had similar experiences!  As a result, so far, we've already had even more great family times, had fantastic, scheduled, planful date nights, made time for friends (even quick phone calls; still working on that, of course!), treated our bodies with more care, and I'm feeling much more productive and less procrastinatic at work.

Although it's still snowing here off and on, sure signs that winter wants to hang on, I feel spring knocking on the door!!  We're approaching an exciting lineup of soccer, more running, mountain biking, and camping and embarking on new adventures as well, with a family trip in the next month and new career opportunities and challenges.  As we continue to focus on our goals and heed balance, I have little doubt but that we are about to have a doozie of a season!  Welcome, Spring!  It's going to be a great one!

BTW ~ procrastinatic is a superb word!  (I may have made it up, so I may be biased, but I love it!)
These pics have nothing to do with this post, but they are on my phone and I love them!  We took GGG to lunch for her birthday in November, and the kids enjoyed quite a tic-tac-toe tourney with her!  Memories like this make me beam.  : )