Swine Flu (aka Flu Shot)

"I used to have a hurting leg but now that daddy gave me swine flu, it feels better"
- Collin (on the eve of his 5 year and flu shots)


Collin's First Outdoor Soccer Game

Saturday's game was SO exciting! Collin was psyched to play and charged the field with such enthusiasm and team spirit that he blew me away! He immediately demonstrated that he'd been paying attention in our practices when he lined up on the front line and started the game with a forward kick to his teammate (not just forward to the other team!). Then he got a hold of the ball and ran it in for the first goal of the game (pic above)! Yeah, Team! Go, Collin!!
Collin was so proud and had so much fun! I heard him calling out his teammates names, and he even passed the ball during play!! (huge move!)
Collin never huddled around the ball and had a true sense of space, racing back and forth on the field, tracking the ball at all times and positioning himself either in an open space for a pass/throw or between the ball on the goal. In the pic below, you can see he's running back to defend his goal, at all times keeping his eyes on the ball!
His ball handling was also impressive! He trapped the ball when he captured it, then he proceeded deliberately, maintaining control rather than sending the ball exponentially forward (as is quite typical in this age-set!).
It was quite hot, and our team had no subs Saturday, so Collin and his friends literally ran for the full hour, stopping only for water breaks. Before taking this photo, I'd asked Collin if he wanted a water break because he'd stayed on the field while the other players had run off for water. "No, not now. I just want to play. This is, well, it's really cool! But I sure am hot." Notice how red and sweaty he is!!
Kate enjoyed every second! She clapped and cheered and walked up and down the field, following the painted lines!
Owen doesn't share his sister's sense of excitement ~ because he's jealous. He wants SO badly to be playing on the team. Thankfully, I'm the coach, so he's able to join in the weekly practices, but I can't let him on the field due to rules/regulations/liabilities. The team is U6, and you have to be 5 to register (Collin's made it by 2 weeks). The day I passed out the uniforms, Owen cried. Since that night, he has woke up at least three nights with nightmares. In his sleep, he'll be saying "I want to play! I didn't get a uniform! I'm good too! I can do it! I'm a big boy. I want to play soccer!" We were able to "borrow" a uniform in hopes that that would help, but a uniform doesn't mean much if you're benched for the games. Come Spring 2011, he'll be the first to register. An ice cream cone in 2009 helped in the meantime.
Three cheers for Collin! Way to hustle and take on soccer, Bud!! We're so excited for you! This is going to be a GREAT season!

Go Cougs!!

My "12th Man" Boys

What a great time the Cougar game was on Saturday! We lost (relatively big time!) but the outing was a winner in my book ~ the boys enjoyed the game and tracked the plays and didn't get bored or ask to go home even once! See? That's success!! *Too bad it wasn't the Cougs scoring all the points, but the scoring definitely made the game more interesting for our two young spectators! Better luck next game ~ GO COUGS!


Uncle Jared + O

June 28, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo 7.17.09

Waterfront 15K

I placed 14 of 53 in my age group (30-34) Saturday in the Fairhaven Runners Waterfront 15K! I ran the 9.2 mile race in a 9:02 min/mile! That's two seconds/mile faster than I ran in March, and considering I haven't been training ~ I'm thrilled! (I won't talk about how flat the course was in comparison, but I will talk about) what a beautiful course we followed Saturday! It ran from Fairhaven to the Marina on State Street and through Zuanich Point Park and then back along South Samish Trail through Boulevard Park and on the Taylor Dock. The weather was gorgeous, and it was a perfect day for a run!

Picture posted here.


My Lady

I met Kevin and the kids for lunch in Fairhaven this afternoon, and it was delightful! It was such a treat to meet them on the Village Green, surrounded by the Farmer's Market vendors, and watch as they begged for strawberries and gaped over pickling cucumbers (Collin's new project "to do") and baseball pears (which Kate typically chose to toss). We had lunch at a local restaurant, and even though I was daring salsa to drip on my "dry clean only" suit and ate most of my lunch with Kate and/or Owen on my lap, it was so great to spent that time with them!

As we were wrapping up, Owen walked over to the table next to us and was peering at the little old lady, who was writing postcards. (so inspirational ~ I found myself drooling to know what romantic, friendly messages she was scripting) Anyway, I said, "Let's not bug the lady, Owen." and he turned to me, smiled very big, climbed into my lap, gave me a gentle, warm, big hug, and said, "You're MY lady, Mommy. I love you."

Then Kate handed me a raisin, and Collin announced he'd been waiting for "years and years" to get strawberries (dessert) "so could we please be done now?" Awesome lunch, My Children!