Thank You, Silly Boy!

KEVIN: Hey, Boys, go outside to play baseball, ok?

COLLIN: Ok, we know the rules.

KEVIN: ... and close the door on your way out because it's cold outside. Thanks!

ME: Yeah, Brrrr! (What's up with this weather?!)

OWEN: O.K. --- Brrrr!

And he closed the SCREEN door.


Show me what you got!

Talent ...
Skills ...
Love ...
Joy ...
Emotion ...
Glee ...
Moves ...
Sunshine ...
9 Weeks Old

Debbie's Baby Shower

Our friends Debbie and Steve are expecting their first daughter in August (we can't wait! congrats!), and Steve's sister Hannah and I hosted a baby shower for them at our home May 24. Afterwards, spouses and kids joined for a potluck BBQ. Deb and Steve made the long trek from Oregon, and we had a wonderful weekend! Here's just a few snapshots:

7 weeks old

Mouth happily full of cake!

The Girls

Our First Family Photo



Me: What'd you do today, boys?
Collin: Sat around and thought, thought, thought.

Me: Owen, ________?
Owen: What. (not a question. a statement. every time you say his name. almost like, "What, Mom. Are you talking again and can it possibly be so important?" He's 2.)
Me: Owen, ________?
Owen: Oh. (not, "Oh, sorry, Mom ..." just oh. a statement in and of itself.)

Me: You can choose ____ or _____.
Collin: Well, either way, I win. Now I know what you are talking about. Either way.
*Collin went through an "actually" phase last year when every was "actually" this and "actually" that. Now, everything is "either way."

Collin: Mom, Baby Kate doesn't hardly have any eyebrows. When she gets bigger, she'll get them. She doesn't have a brain either. I have a brain sometimes. When I remember to use it. Either way ...

Collin: Does Baby Kate have any talent? I have lots of talent. Especially in my legs. And my bowling arm. (Then later.) Oooh. Hurt my bowling arm. I have to take care of it.