Great Story

Some time around Kate's one-month birthday, Collin was talking to Kate when she tried to talk back. I said to him, "Oh, Collin! Did you hear that?! Wow! She loves you so much!!" And he said, "How do you know, Mommy? She's still checking me out ... getting to know me."

And it hit me. I had certainly noticed that he was more cautious around Kate than Owen. He hadn't wanted to hold her (except on the very first day), hadn't wanted to be in pictures with her (at least not posed ones), and didn't introduce her to all his friends at Blossom or in the neighborhood (Owen was bursting to share "his baby."). And I had wondered why. ... He wasn't bitter or jealous or resentful at all; he just didn't seem to share in the "big fuss" over our new baby. Still, I didn't push or even comment because when things were quite, he approached her often, and he was sweet and had a piqued curiosity.

Turned out, Collin was "getting to know" her.

Fast forward two weeks. Kate is six weeks old. As Collin is entertaining Kate one night, he starts singing her a song. I listen with a smile. The boys love to sing to Kate. Usually Collin sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and Owen sings "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep." It is so cute to hear Collin's voice as he sings to her because it's always in a super high-pitch. ... Then I realize Collin is singing her a song (made up, of course) about family, telling Katelyn about her own family! "There's Mommy and Daddy. and Owen and Collin. and you - Baby Kate. We're A fam-i-ly!" Collin included her in his family picture. Tears filled my eyes as I watched them. realized just how lucky we all truly are to have each other ~ to love and be loved, sharing the bond of family.

Not coincidently, that night, when we tucked into bed, Collin told Kate he loved her - for the first time out loud.

And so it happened. Collin got to know his sister and joined in the "big fuss." He began asking to hold his sister, volunteering to calm her when she cried, and talking about her to others. : )

She sleeps ...

I'd heard other parents "brag" about it. I'd read books on strategies to make it happen. But it was like a Great Myth. Fabulous Folklore spread from family to family. In our home, I can assure you, I'd never believed it could truly be. Certainly not this soon.

Sleep. More specifically: Sleeping through the Night.

Kate slept a wonderful eight and a half hours last night ~ at seven weeks!! The boys hardly slept that long in one stretch at seven months! Everybody KNOCK ON WOOD!

With Kate, we have been so lucky in the Sleep Dept. So far: no colic, long stretches of sleep, and no day/night confusion. And, did you hear me when I said - yep - eight and a half hours! THANK YOU, KATE!!!

Now, could you please teach you big brother O?? : )


Katelyn Turns 7 Weeks Old

Kate is 7 Weeks Old as of yesterday, and she is a gem! She is bright and sunny, smiling immediately if she recognizes you or in response to her favorite toys, baby babble, or friendly face. She loves to be face-to-face and will stare at you for quite some time, raising her eyebrows and attempting to mimic your expressions. I love sticking out my tongue and watching her open, close, and twist her mouth, trying to reciprocate the gesture. She's also now engaging in conversation, cooing and grunting and squeaking back and forth with us.

Milestones: (1) Rolled from Tummy to Back (twice in a row then and once again just this past Sunday) - 5 and 1/2 Weeks; (2) Smiled in Recognition - 6 Weeks

The boys quickly adapted to her presence in our family and constantly dote on their baby sister. Saturday morning I was folding laundry, and Kate was in her bouncy seat in the boys' room while they played. She started to fuss, and I watched as they gently pulled her seat towards their fan, turned the fan on, covered her in their favorite blankets (old blue and doggie blankie), and loaned her some of their cars. Then Owen rocked her, and Collin sang her a song. Ultimately, I suggested that she was probably tired, and Collin ran for her pacifier, gave it to her, and the boys lulled her to sleep. It was adorable.

Ski to Sea Parade - May 25

The Ski to Sea Parade rolled through Bellingham Saturday, and we were right there to enjoy it! For the first year, the boys both really took notice of the parade, commenting on nearly every group featured. Owen especially loved the bands and danced to the music, while Collin loved watching the old cars cruising "low and slow" and seeing Santa in Spring aboard a fishing boat! We made a real afternoon of it and had a picnic lunch with friends, played catch, and blew bubbles everywhere!

Ski to Sea Junior Parade - May 16

What a gorgeous afternoon for a parade! May 16 we participated in the Junior Ski to Sea Parade in downtown Bellingham, and Collin led his school with a big smile. Riding his bike on the front lines, Collin enjoyed every second. He wasn't quite clear on the concept of "riding with is school" though ~ at one point he rode ahead of the group (as I tread behind in delight) and joined the band marching in front of us! The band stopped marching to play for the crowds, and Collin rode right up into the center of the band and stopped as a main attraction. The conductor put a foot behind Collin's training wheel to keep him back when the band was finished and resumed marching. It was hilarious! A truly priceless moment!


Summer Itch

Pool Time!

Lounging in the Warm Shade

Bug Investigation

Hand Picked

Wow the last few weeks have flown by! Here's a quick recap:

After three and a half weeks maternity leave, Kate and I were spontaneously invited up to Whistler for a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) conference for municipal prosecutors. Within two hours, we'd rearranged a few appointments, booked our room, packed our backs, and hit the road! We took the train up, and it was beautiful! If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend taking the train as it travels along the coast, past logging towns and beautiful scenery. It was a lovely three days ~ we learned a few things and Kate was wonderfully quiet and cooperative during the seminars; we went for our first shopping trips in the Village; and had our first Girls' Night, ordering a chick flick and room service in our hotel room!

We returned for a final weekend at home, then I went back to work full time. For a day. By Tuesday Collin was sick. By Friday, Owen was sick too. The boys both got Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease (so I was forced back to part time with a full time load). Unfortunately for Uncle Jared and Aunt Janae, we had no idea what they had or that they were still sick really when we headed down for a weekend visit ~ the same day Owen got bad. We spent the weekend camped out in their living room, playing Wii, and listening to Owen's cry and slow moans. BTW - Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease evidenced itself on the boys with fevers, odd appetites, and mouthfuls of cancer sores. It was not pretty and looked (and sounded) very painful. Luckily, the boys' hands and feet escaped the attack.

All and all, our house was sick two long weeks. And then, amazingly, we were well in time for SUMMER!

That's right! Summer hit last weekend ~ or at least it felt like it did. We participated in the Junior Ski to Sea Parade in downtown Bellingham Friday (see post above) and made the most of the opportunity to be outdoors Saturday and Sunday. The sunny weekend was a treat! We pumped up the pool and the kids laughed and played, while Kevin and I tackled yard work and projects. Fantastic weekend!!

The above pics were taken after the pool was drained ... the kids continued to play in it after the sun had gone down and the water drained. Like I said, we made the most of the warm weather while it was here! : )


No Time!

Here's a few pics to tide you all over ... I'll fill in the blanks and tell you about the last few weeks as soon as I get the chance! : ) Enjoy!