Family First: Ice Skating!

We took the kids ice skating at the Bellevue Magic Season Ice Arena Friday, and it was a BLAST!  It was our first time out on ice skates as a family, and it was a treat!  At first, everyone hovered along the wall and was cautiously optimistic about the adventure.  But in time, they were keeping their shoulders forward, knees slightly bent, and cruising around the rink!  I skated backwards (very grateful for my childhood times at the roller rink), and pulled Kate along.  So sweet!  If she got going too fast or lost focus, she grabbed onto my leg and rode with me.  We were even able to do a few spins.  : )  By the end of the session, the boys were stoked on the sport and begging to plan another skate time!  I, too, had an absolute blast!  Watching them learn and skating on the cool ice in the crisp, outdoor air ~ it was exhillerating!

*Eli wanted to SO desparately to join us on the ice - kept racing towards the entry gate and trying to walk onto the ice - that Grandma Y, who had offered to watch him so the rest of us could all skate together, had to leave the ice arena completely and take him to the park!  We could see them from the arena ~ looked like the park was a hit!  Kids and Swings = Fabulous Fun!  Thanks, Grandma Y!