Childbirth Class 1st Birthday Party

We really lucked out! When we registered for a Childbirth Class last spring, we had no idea how well we'd hit it off with the others in the class. Now a year later, we've formed friendships, as have the kids, and continued to meet as a group almost once a month. Yesterday, we hosted the kids' collective first birthday party, and the kids enjoyed opening gifts and smothering themselves in chocolate cupcakes with yellow frosting! Luckily, the parents had planned ahead and brought a change of clothes. : )

Pics: Reuion Photo 10.30.04 (Left to Right: Collin, Caleb, Janie, Stephen, Drew); 1st Birthday Photo 9.26.05 (Collin, Stephen, Janie, Drew); Collin at the top of his slide (which he recently, like two days ago, really figured out how to use!)

Puyallup Fair Petting Zoo - Sept. 16, 2005

Pics: Collin loved the petting zoo this year at the Northwest Washington Puyallup Fair. Although his favorite animal seemed to be the bunny and the goats kept rushing past, nearly knocking him over, the greatest appeal was the myriad rakes and shovels kept near the haystack! For those who haven't witnessed, Collin is awed by shovels, rakes, brooms (anything with a long handle) ... perhaps we have a future custodian or baton twirler? : )

Please Stand UP!

Milestones of the Moment: Tooth #3, #4, and #5 (all on top) cut September 8th, 10th, and 14th, respectively. Boy was he happy to have those out!! AND September 16th, Collin learned to stand unassisted! He was so excited that he started clapping and fell to his bum! He's now walking and crawling - each 50% of the time. : )

Pic: Collin loves to roll around the floor and get "lost" in his blankets! Once he's surely "invisible," he'll "peek-a-boo" out in a moment of surprise and wonder!