11.17 - 12.21 Photo Gallery

We've had so much fun these past 6 weeks! I love the holiday season ~ from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, the world is alive with joy and wonder ~ especially through the eyes of a child. I remember a year ~ 15 years ago ~ when my cousin Nicole stayed over at our house Christmas Eve and slept in my room. I'm 11 or 12 years older than her, so I really got a kick out of watching her look through the window before falling asleep to see if Santa and his reindeer were flying through the sky! It was so magical, and she believed! Now I get to experience that moment for a whole month long! Collin is talking non-stop about Santa! We've had pictures with Santa, pancake breakfast with Santa, a special visit at the courthouse from Santa, and many, many discussions about Santa, Christmas Eve, good girls and boys, chimneys, and of course, presents! This afternoon, he's so excited because we're making cookies for Santa to put out Christmas Eve. I love it!

From blackout storms and great snowfalls to walking and potty training, this past month has seen it all. Enjoy the following picture recap:
Watching "Elmo Saves Christmas"
Visit with Jacqui
Folding Laundry
Big Boy ~ He told me yesterday, "I'm growing up, Mommy!"
We have a bucket of corks, and the boys love to dump the bucket out! The corks are great for shooting across the room like a basketball into the bucket, shooting out of your mouth like canon balls at each other, lining up, stacking, counting, etc. The downfall: picking them back up!!
The early days before we were really potty training!
Tossing the football down the hall and chasing it was so fun for Little O; but it was just as much fun for me as I couldn't help but notice it as a fantastic photographic moment!
Happy Thanksgiving! We stayed with Chrissy, Tracey and the girls for the Thanksgiving holiday and had a blast!
Helping with the dishes after the feast!
I didn't know you could play that, Dad! How's it work?
Ring Around the Rosie by candlelight during one of our blackouts this past month
Helping Daddy put the lights on the Christmas tree
Christmas Card Runner(s)-up
Wearing Daddy's Shirt
The Fantastic Four
I get to decorate the top half of the tree. Collin and Owen get to decorate the lower half. Like Mom, Collin is continuously going over the tree and reaaranging the ornament placement to create the perfect look!

Despite the two hour drive that separates them, the cousins are very close! Quite fortunately, they have seen each other at least three weekends in the past 6 weeks!
Jacqui came up last weekend and gave Collin a tool set for Christmas!
What happens if you unscrew your belly-button? Your bottom might fall off!
Quick! Kevin, could you grab me the camera! Look at Little O!
Santa visited the children of the parents I work with in Juvenile Court. Since many of the attornies and my client have met my children and because I knew Collin would enjoy another opportunity to see Santa, Collin joined in the Family Treatment Court Christmas celebration with Santa yesterday morning!

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. CUTE haircut!!! (And cute boys, as always!) We dropped the diapers this week too- success!!!

  2. I was going to comment on your hair, too! Very cute! By the way, according to your story at the top, wouldn't you be at least in your mid 30's? ;)

  3. Ha! Thanks for doing the math for me! It's been a long week, and it was all I could do to get the recap up on the blog! : ) You know how it is, too, I imagine ... this blog is so important to me (almost obsessively so). We have so many family and friends that we never find time to see them all often enough (you included!). Plus until I ever find free time, it's my only journal/scrapbook for the boys. Merry Christmas!

    Go Janie! Way to drop the diapers!!!

    Most days I hate the haircut!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Today - I don't hate it quite as much. ; )