Tepker Kids Wrap-Up 2011

What were the greatest things that happened in 2011?
Collin + Owen:  Shaw, Whistler, Train Car, Playing with the Schillingers, going to Wade King, riding Galbraith for the first time, soccer, ice skating, Christmas

What was your favorite trip in 2011?
Collin: Shaw with the Schillingers, the Cyruses, Uncle Jared, G&G Yanasak and Grandpa Bob when we celebrated Eli's birthday
Owen: Going to Whistler and Shaw Island
Kate: The train car!  I like trains.  (Ocean City, Oregon ~ we spent a weekend with Evan and Lisa Lenz and family in a renovated train car, played on the beach, and went in the hot tub.)

What is your favorite thing to do?
Collin:  Go the Schillingers (or have them over to our house) and Hang out with Family
Owen: Play football
Kate: Color

Who are your best friends?
Collin:  Owen, Eli, Kate
Owen:  Collin, Isaac, Eli, Kai, Ethan, Kate, Eli, Mommy, Dad, Uncle Jared, Marley, Taylor, Brannon
Kate: Ava, Marley, Taylor, Owen, Collin, Dezi, Daddy, Mommy, Kacie, 

What is your favorite meal?
Collin: Pizza and burgers
Owen: Boomers Burger
Kate: Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Soup

What is your favorite cartoon character?
Collin:  Phineas
Owen: Phineas
Kate: Dora the Explorer

What is your favorite book?
Collin:  Jack and Annie (Magic Treehouse Series)
Owen: The Bob Books
Kate: Winnie the Pooh

What are you a little afraid of?
Collin:  Caves
Owen: Going to sleep by myself
Kate: Monsters

What would you do on your "perfect day"?
Collin:  Watch football with the Schillingers
Owen:  Eat waffles with syrup, play with Eli, play Madden on the XBox, trade football cards with Kai, go the Schillingers to play football outside and Wii inside, eat a donut for lunch, eat chicken pot pie for dinner
Kate: Color

If you had three wishes, what would you wish?
Collin:  1) Play my iTouch, the Wii, or XBox whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted; 2) Go ice skating every week; 3) Celebrate Christmas every 5 months
Kate: 1) For Mommy; 2) For Daddy; 3) For Owen

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Collin:  A Football Player
Owen: Maybe a dad.  No, a football player.  Maybe both.
Kate: I want to read books.

What is your goal (complete, do, enjoy) for 2012?
Collin:  I want to put all of my football cards into my binder and go to Whistler to play putt-putt golf and do some riding.
Owen: I want to go to Whistler and go riding.
Kate: I want to go the park and the swimming pool and find a waterfall.