Moran State Park, Orcas Island ~ August 26-29, 2005

We spent the past weekend camping with Aunt Chrissy, cousin Marley, and Grandma and Grandpa Yanasak in the islands! Luckily, it was beautiful the first day and a half because by Sunday night, our tent was in a pool of water. Add to that a teething boy with a 104.1 fever reaction to his immunization shots, and you can quickly see why we cut our trip, which was supposed to end Wednesday, short Monday. But ~ we had fun while we were there!

Milestone of the Moment: Collin has learned to drink through a straw!!

Above Pics: (1) Kevin and Collin sliding in the park. (2) Collin and Marley reading aloud to each other. (3) No one wants to nap when there's so much fun to be had! (4) Marley and Collin race up the dirt hill while Chrissy and Kevin place bets on the winner. (5) Cascade Lake.


We're having another BOY!

We found out! It's a ... BOY!! And everything looks great! He's healthy and active, and we love him! He shares Collin's profile (at least based on their ultrasound photos) and sleeps like his daddy (hand on his forehead). His personality in the womb seems totally different than Collin ... where Collin was all stretched out during the ultrasound, this boy was all curled up; Collin showed his face to us, and this boy covered his face with his arms almost the whole time. I can't wait to see what else they share in common (or don't)! Our due was confirmed: January 22, 2005. Two boys!! Yippee!!!


We have a BLOG??? Check it out!

Ok, here we go! After a year of spamming our friends and family with e-pics and updates, it's time to host a "blog" ...

Dr. Troutman gave Collin his one-year check-up today, and Collin weighed in at 19 pounds even (20%) and 29.5 inches tall (50%). He also received a round of immunizations and a blood draw to test his iron levels, which are apparently low and may indicate slight anemia (treated with iron supplement). (We get the final results on that tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted.)

Also this week, we have an appointment with Dr. Arvin to check on Baby #2! We're in the 19th week, and with any luck, we'll be discovering Baby #2's gender soon! We'll get a referral for a formal ultrasound Wednesday, so it'll depend on when the next available appointment falls.

Milestone of the Moment: Collin took his first two steps Thursday the 18th, then worked up to eight at a time by the next day; just this morning, he walked eighteen steps in a row across the playroom!! Yeah, Collin!

Pic: Family photo taken at Tsillan Cellars overlooking Lake Chelan during Brian and Christi Lenz's reception 8.20.05