O Christmas Tree

Ah, traditions! For the fourth year in a row (every year since Kevin and I met), we traveled out to a U-cut tree farm with my dad and Lani to pick out the perfect family tree. This year, we had great success and found our tree more quickly than ever! I think it was in Row 8 of 150ish. Since we knew it would be the first year Collin actually took an interest in the tree and that it was going in our front room - which is also now Collin's playroom - it's a much smaller and more narrow tree than we had last year (which is slightly a bummer). But it fits very nicely in our front window and looks quite festive and lovely from 2 feet on up! The bottom two feet are adorned with jingle bells and unbreakables that Collin loves to move from branch to branch (and room to room). I like to think it's his way of spreading Christmas Joy!

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  1. getting ready for the holidays... fun stuff. wish we were there to see Mr. Collin rearrange the tree as he pleases. jennie you look good.