Snowflake Merriment

Grandma Y, GGG, and Uncle Jared joined Kevin, the kids, and me at P.F. Changs for a family-style dinner after our day with Santa, carousel ride, and ice skating adventure!
 Kate dished and ate her whole meal using a set of "kid-friendly" chopsticks!  
 Eli entertained us all as he belted out a Christmas Carol at the dinner table!
"Ah-a-ah-a-ha, Ah-a-a-ah!!"
Then we headed outside and onto Snowflake Lane for music, bright lights, and real snow!  This was our second year, and it's sure to be an annual tradition!!
High Five, Christmas Mouse!

Everyone was laughing and dancing as the live Toy Soldiers and Sugar Plum Fairies led the merry-makers in Christmas carols under falling snow!
Collin jumped up on the pillar to play air-drum to the joyous music!