Moving On and Growing Up

I am proud that I nursed Kate one year and two weeks. Someone once told me you never remember the last diaper you change on your child ~ it just happens ~ one day they don't wear diapers anymore, and (although you are thrilled!) you wonder when and how they moved to the next stage. That's how I feel today.


Mt Si Relay 2009

I participated in the Mt Si Relay with 9 amazing women Sunday! Together, we formed two 5-woman teams that conquered Mt Si! The course: 10 legs, 57 miles - up and down the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. My legs: 4 (6.0 miles) and 9 (7.1 miles).
Pre-Race Team Photo - 6 a.m.

My cousin Christi runs in strong after her first leg - the leg that started it all - Leg 1 at 6:30 a.m.!
Prepping for my first leg (Leg 4)

And I'm off! 3 miles "pretty" flat, 2 miles gradually gaining elevation, and 1 mile dropping downhill to the handoff. The next leg had to go back up the sharp hill and get back onto the trail for a gradual incline several miles long! Ugh!!In between Legs, we refueled, rested, and played!

Leg 9: 5 miles downhill then a dreadful 2 miles flat, flat, flat - and straight. I could see the last checkpoint in the distance, and after 11 some miles, I often wondered if it was merely a mirage. Many thanks to Cat, who lent me her mp3 player with hard core tunes to keep me pumped. (I didn't know a single song, and I felt a strange urge to shout profanity after I finished listening, but boy did the music keep me jazzed and pushing hard!) *Cat is handing me her player in the hand-off above!

After Race Team Photo


Collin & Marley

Collin and Marley are the best of cousins! I captured this moment last Saturday, as Collin and Marley watched "Bolt" before bed:
They each live for the next time they'll see each other. Literally, Collin's "calendar" centers on events with Marley. For example, this weekend is Easter, and the Easter bunny is coming, and we're coloring eggs, and there will be an egg hunt ~ but if you ask Collin what's going on this weekend, he'll tell you: "Saturday we're seeing Marley!"

If more than two weeks pass between visits, Collin starts prepping me for another playdate. He writes about Marley in his journal, draws pictures of them playing at the park or in the back yard, and sends her mail bi-weekly. I love the way he cares about her and that she holds a special place in his heart.

It reminds me of the wonderful relationships I have with my own cousins ~ I can't imagine my world without them! In fact, since February, we've been to Boise to see my cousin Shana (and her family), had Brian (and his wife) up for a weekend, and are heading to Vancouver in two weeks to see Bobby (and his family). I'm so glad that our love of family and its importance is spreading to our children. Here's a shout-out to all my cousins: Love you!!

1st Birthday Party

Collin and Riley made Kate a "Happy Birthday, Katelyn" banner Saturday morning ~ this is a closeup of "Kate" and Collin's chicken!
Happy Birthday to Katelyn!!!
Friday and Saturday morning the boys and Lorri (our daycare provider) made Kate's cake(s). They baked four different kinds of cake, frosted them, then covered them in fondant with fondant cookie-cutter letters and shapes, creating cake-blocks that spelling "K-A-T-E." They also had initials for Collin, Owen, Jennifer, and Kevin (C, O, J, and K) on opposing sides! Here's the finished product: Uncle Jared and Aunt Janae were the first to arrive and enjoyed 1:1 time with Kate (and her balloons!) while Aaron took the big kids to the park, and Kevin, Renee and I prepared for the party!
Then everyone started arriving! What fun! Kate and Lola G. (8 months)

Me, Christina, and Jenn ~ Northside Moms (minus vacationing Katie)

The weather turned out amazing (especially considering it had snowed two days earlier), and we enjoyed the afternoon outdoors in the sun. The big kids (including dads and uncles!) played hoops on the patio, built sandcastles in the sandbox, and created chalk art on the retaining blocks!
I love Owen's flowers in the picture above because the stems sometimes go up, sometimes go down!
Then it was cake time!
Then presents! What a lucky girl!
Kate and Larkin sat together and sifted through the paper and bags for the hidden treasures!

Aunt Janae and Katelyn

Our kids' birthdays fall on three of the four seasons: summer (Collin), winter (Owen) and spring (Kate). So, in honor of our spring baby, the party kids each got to decorate a pot, fill it with potting soil, and plant seeds to take home. It was a great project! Here are several of the finished pots:
*Kate's has her handprints ~ so perfect! (#6)


Happy 1st Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl!

Here's a few random facts about Kate:
  • She wears size 12-18 month clothes and size 2 1/2 shoe
  • She has zero teeth
  • Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, carrots, fruit (especially bananas), french toast, and puffins cereal (from Trader Joes)
  • Cow milk gives her a rash, so she has to drink Soy Milk (but she doesn't seem to have a problem with yogurt or cheese)
  • She says one word consistently: Dada
  • She took steps repeatedly on two different nights in the past month but no one would believe me if I hadn't caught it on video because she crawls everywhere
  • She loves music and sings in the car ~ especially to "Choo Choo Soul," "Cars," and a mixed cd I made the boys in spring '07
  • She loves little furniture ~ little couches, little chairs ~ I often find her sitting in the little couch and flipping through books or standing facing the back of the rocking chair and rocking back and forth, daring the chair to topple
  • She is a climber ~ stairs, the slide, on top of the little table, up onto the couch ~ and she knows to push stools or other items to use as leverage towards the higher destinations
  • She LOVES her brothers
  • She thinks other babies are fascinating
  • Peek a Boo is her favorite game
  • She signs "all done" "milk" and sometimes "more"
  • She blows kisses (as of two days ago!) and makes a "mmmwwaaa" sound
  • She enjoys a shower but prefers to splash in the bath
  • She colors crayon to paper, mimicking her brothers' favorite activity of late
  • She can push a truck down our street and over sidewalk curbs quickly and without falling ~ freaks me out the whole way
  • She has a special bunny and a cloth doll that she snuggles all night long
  • She wakes with a smile and plays in her crib until I open her door to say "Good Morning!"
  • So long as bunny and her doll are nearby (preferably snuggled in close), she rolls over and falls asleep without a fuss when I lay her down at night
  • She often goes head first over the top step on the stairs, then turns to slide feet first on her belly the rest of the way down the flight
  • She loves to blow raspberries on my belly and shoulder
  • She nurses in the "downward dog" position often
  • She never really drank from a bottle, but went straight to a sippy cup
  • She has always slept in her own room
  • She is always happy and rolls with everything
  • She is silly, silly, silly and has awesome smiles and giggles!
  • She is patient and loving
  • Sometimes when she hugs you, she'll pat your back softly
  • She grows sweeter, cuter, and more lovely every day
... I can hardly believe she's one year old! I am truly a blessed mom. We love you, Katelyn!!! Happy Birthday!


Usually we serve bite-size spaghetti noodles ... but this time ...
Etiquette, move aside. That looks like fun!!


Whidbey Island Half Marathon 3.29.09

I completed my first half marathon Sunday, and IT WAS SO AWESOME! I am STILL on a personal high!! I had so much fun, and I was so prepared, and I felt fabulous! And I ran faster than I ever have before ~ the biggest shock of all! I had trained at approximately 10:30 -11:00 minute miles on my "long runs," and I completed the half marathon in 9:04 minute miles!! In fact, I had told Kevin that my goal was to complete it at a 10:00 minute mile, so if he showed up at the finish line at the 2 hour mark, I'd hopefully roll in about 10 minutes later ... turns out I crossed the line at 1:58:29, and he, the kids, and the Stones missed me entirely!! (which is a big bummer because my cross was excellent ~ I sprinted the last 1/4 mile and cried as I crossed the line ~ I'm an emotional gal, what can I say?)

328/1,304 All Runners --- 16/158 in Age/Sex Division --- 128/885 All Females
My Time: 1:58:29 --- Average Time: 2:30:02 --- Best Female Time: 1:29:16

I DID IT! Now I'm signing up for a full marathon ~ Rock N Roll Seattle June 27, here I come!!