Pumpkin Patch! 10.21.06

We travelled out to StoneyRidge Farm in Everson last Saturday for a beautiful day on the farm! Our neighbors Steve, Katie, and Natalie (pictured above, one of Collin's BEST friends) joined us as we met the farm animals, watched the (other) kids ride the Tractor Train (neither Collin nor Natalie wanted to ride it), weaved through the barral maze and then the corn maze, picked and ate fresh apples from the trees, husked corn on the cob (Collin!!), ate the field corn (Natalie!) and searched for the Great Pumpkins! Owen slept through most of it, but awoke just in time to pick a gourd, an apple, and a pumpkin! Collin crashed literally seconds after Owen woke up so we only have one picture featuring both of them -- you can see Owen is waking up and Collin's head is seconds away from pillowing on Dad's shoulder! Nonetheless, some fantastic photos follow:


Family Day Fun 10.22.06

Lucky Kids

Cousins are the best! I know because I grew up with many, and they are still some of my best friends and certainly people I know I can always count on and trust. I love them! So when my neice and nephew, Justin and Sarah, flew into town from Hawaii for my brother Zac's wedding, I was thrilled to introduce the cousins! We only had a brief visit, but it was a great one! With any luck, we'll be flying their way for the next visit!!

Random October Moments

Vegas Baby!

It's true. Anyone will do anything in Vegas - for a price! These "birds" posed for the photo opp with us in Old Town, but "reminded" us as the shot was being taken that they don't pose for free! The place is a hoot!

We had an excellent time in Vegas last weekend with our friends Deb and Steve! Kevin and I gambled at roulette tables, craps tables, blackjack tables - even a Texas Hold 'em Tournament. We won some, lost some - ultimately lost some - but had a great time playing! I also saw a a Cirque de Solei show "O" at the Bellagio with Deb and Steve Friday night - amazing stagework. The act was fantastic, but the effects blew me away. I would definitely see another show, but I recommend reading up on the storyline ahead of time because I never did figure ours out. : )

Other highlights (in no particular order) include lunch at Margarittaville, the Big Top ride atop the Stratosphere (scariest thing I have ever done and will never do again - but glad I did it once), limo ride from the airport to our hotel (New York, New York), fabulous steak at Smith and Wolensky's, even more fabulous French Onion Soup at a bistro in the Wynn. Oh! And one of the most shocking moments for me: walking straight up to the Starbucks counter to order my coffee while the line next to me - at a bar for beer! - was ten feet long at 8:00 a.m.!

On our way to see "O" (the Bellagio is just behind us!)

I just couldn't leave without playing a slot machine - lucky for me, I broke even! But I much prefer the action and interaction of the other games!

Outside the Venetian

Atop of the Stratosphere


Nine Month Check-Up 10.17.06

Owen is 9 months old today! I can hardly believe how quickly his first year is flying by. He is now completely mobile ~ now even a flight of stairs is an easy feat! (First time: 10.13.06) He's eating many solid foods and all the types of Gerber baby foods, and he's enjoying both breastmilk and formula feedings 4-5 times a day. Sleeping through the night (8 PM to 5 AM) is now the norm (woohoo!), and he takes his two naps a day like a champ.

At his check-up today, his accomplishments soared off the charts! I couldn't have been more happy for him. He also weighed in on track at 20 pounds (45%) and was 28.5 inches tall (60%). His noggin has consistently been on the larger side (47 cm - 90%) (no worries), and he is (quite adorably) still flashing a toothless grin!

The visit did reveal a few concerns: slightly low iron levels (just need to eat high-iron foods and continue iron fortified formula) and two ear infections. Little O is so happy all the time ~ no one had any idea - not his mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa (who had him all last weekend), or his teacher at Blossom!! What a trooper!

He received his Hep B and flu shot #1 (has to get 2) today, so we'll see how he fares with those on top of the ear infections. Poor little guy.


Cute Stuff

Sunday Owen was going down for a nap, and Collin was giving him a hug and kiss "goodnight." Collin said, "Night-Night, Baby Owen. Have a good weekend!"


Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived, and it's time for socks and shoes, jackets and hats. Don't misunderstand, I love the changing colors, the falling leaves, the smell of the rain, the foggy mornings! Plus now that Owen is crawling, he'd rather be on the (hard/dirty) ground and chasing after Collin than in my arms or a stroller, so it's a great time to be indoors. By the same token, however, I don't dare miss an afternoon walk while it's still dry out. The kids (and me too) flourish in the fresh air, space to romp, and opportune run-ins with our neighbors! Too soon the rain will come down, and we'll be stuck indoors for the winter; we're taking full advantage while we can! Above are pics my neighbor Christina took of the boys and I in our cul-de-sac Saturday afternoon! 9.30.06