December 25 - Groom/Yanasak Christmas

Great Grandma Groom, my mom and Kevin, Chrissy, Tracey and the Girls, Jared and Janae, and Kramer all came up the afternoon of Christmas Day to celebrate the holiday. We had a wonderful time exchanging gifts and enjoyed a prime rib feast afterwards, joined by our good friends Steve, Katie, and Natalie.

Collin is very into puzzles now, and he especially loved working on this one from Marley.

After bathtime, the kids spent their remaining energy in the playroom. It was too fun to watch Owen tackle the big kids and incite wrestling matches! And although the picture shows Collin stepping over Owen on his way up the slide, you can be Owen was right in the mix with Marley and Collin charging for his turn on the slide!At long last, energy finally spent, the kids crawl onto the couch and wind down with Great Grandma in anticipation of bedtime:

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