Winter Wonderland

Owen took ill Thanksgiving night ~ around 3 a.m. the poor little guy spewed in his bed. But he was chipper as could be all day Friday, and we thought it had all been just a bad dream. Then, Friday night, just after having been tucked into bed, Collin sat up to kiss Kevin good night and, ever so nonchalantly, hurled all over his bed. We realized then that both boys were officially sick. ... Wouldn't you know, mere hours later, the snow began to fall on our home. By morning, the snow was at least 8 inches deep, and both boys were vomiting and running mild fevers. Buckets and tylenol nearby, we watched the neighborhood frolick in a perfect winter wonderland. By nightfall, the boys were holding starches down but the result on the other end was just as messy. The snow started again and continued to fall throughout the night. Mercifully, it fell ... and fell ... and fell. The child in me longed to play! The romantic in me dreamed of choosing the perfect snow-white Christmas tree as the flakes fell. The mother in me knew I had to keep the boys inside. Blessedly, by Sunday afternoon the boys were symptom free, and we made the picturesque drive down Mt. Baker highway in the falling snow to cut down our tree. What an experience! Monday morning all of Whatcom County had pretty much been closed down, and Collin was ready to take on the snow! Regretfully, I do not have pictures of he and I sledding because, well, we were both sledding! But here's one of Collin pulling/pushing Owen around in the house:
Brennen and Collin trekking back up the hill.

Collin and Natalie shovelled snow (Collin and shovels!). The best fun was when Steve showed Collin how to scoop up and toss snow into the air for Natalie's dog Halie to jump up and catch in her mouth! It was one of the greatest sights Collin had ever seen!

If you look closely, you'll see Kevin and Owen peering out the window at us kids in the snow.

Sunday night's accumulation (~48 hours). Roughly 18-24 inches fell in the greater Bellingham area in the past four days.

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