Classic Memories

The first snowfall of the season! We were at Grandma and Grandpa J's, and the boys couldn't wait to get outside and play in the snow!
We had a fantastic fun-filled past weekend: Christmas with G&G J, Visit with Great Grandma G (GGG), Merry-go-Round Ride Downtown, Lunch & Shopping with G&G Y Sunday. But nothing topped the fun no one had planned on!

Me on Sunday night: What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Collin: Playing in the snow with Grandpa! He got us LOTS ~ but we'll get him next time!! And remember when we went up and down the big hill and Grandpa had to put chains on the tires?!

Owen: The snow! (What about it?) Snowball fight with Grandpa!!

Yes ~ I am THAT mom. I bundled Kate up and plopped her in the snow for the sake of "experience" and photo opp! She was so wrapped up inside the pink snowsuit though that she could hardly sit up straight! Ultimately, she toppled backward and made her first snow angel on the picnic table!
*Don't worry, she was in the cold less than two minutes. I quickly took the snow shots, swooped her up, stripped her down, and snuggled her silly!

We ended up getting 5 inches of snow Saturday night in our backyard, and most of it is still there. Tonight weathermen predict up to 8 inches! Woohoo! *Should have bought some chains like Grandpa told us to! ; )

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