Trick-Or-Treat! 10.31.07

Argh! The Pirate (or Robin Hood, depending on who you ask)
- The Cousin Gang -
Marley/Poodle Skirt BeeBopper
Collin/Captain Collin
Owen/Sheriff of Mahonia Place

First, we ransacked Old Town Fairhaven for tricks and treats! Owen completely understood the concept of receiving candy, but completely would not understand that he couldn't eat all the candy as he received it. Needless to say, he ate about six pieces and still cried most of the afternoon! Taylor was a hit and many ghosts and goblins stopped to have their pictures taken with her! Meanwhile, Marley and Collin ran from store front to store front admiring the many costumes and filling their sacks!After dinner, the big kids, Aunt Chrissy, and I hit the cul-de-sac to "treat or treat again!" We went to less locations but received nearly twice as much candy ~ seems it pays to know your neighbors (although in costumes, many were difficult to recognize!).
This was Collin's favorite stop ~ "I really liked that guy's costume! He was cool!" His next favorite was two more houses down ~ neighbor Joe was in full gorilla disguise! My personal favorite was a home decked out as a Pirate's Den, complete with treasure chests that opened as you neared and Pirates of the Caribbean music playing to set the mood. The Pirate opened the gloomy "gate" and took pictures of each set of treaters in exchange for the loot! It was great!

*Notice that Steve and Natalie/Fairy Butterfly joined us halfway down the block for our adventure!I was so proud of Collin. He did not exactly adhere to the "one treat per house" rule, but he did adhere to the "one treat per trip" rule and didn't spoil his dinner or his bedtime!

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